[Thailand] I will start all, act boldly and excitingly

guest is “DAO” RYUKYU University from Thailand.

Name: Ketudat Thanaporn
Nickname: Dao
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Country: Thailand Bangkok
University: Chulalongkorn University
Department: Faculty of Political Science Department of Sociology Anthropology
Grade: 3
High School: wattana wittaya academy

the reason you chose japan

I have visit japan with my family since I was junior high school.
I went to Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kyoto, Osaka that was really like a city places.
Okinawa is look like Thailand and the products are not that expensive and the weather is nice and I like the atmosphere.
I had a lot of project to do when I was in Thailand and I want some rest from it.
So I decided to go to overseas to study and rest.

the reason you chose this university

My university is partnered to the school of Okinawa.
And my teacher recommend me this school too.
Also my mother elder sister is teaching Thailand language in Okinawa.

the good things you came in here

The teacher in here are really kind.
They help me a lot.
They would teach if there is I can’t understand.
The international students in here are not that many. So they can teach me a lot.
There are a lot of students in one school at Thailand, so teachers cannot teach them that much.
So I am glad to enter to this school.
I made a lot of new friends in here too.
They have a lot of culture differences so it is really fun.

the difficulties you had in japan

The transportation is inconvenient in here
I use bus for transportation

For example, the dorm to bus stop is really far. So I need to walk a lot.
It is worse if it is raining.

the people you are thankful

I want to thanks for my family who supports me.
I thank Nick professor from Thailand school.
If I didn’t met her I wouldn’t be here right now
I thank my senior friends from Thailand too.
They took me to a lot of places to have fun and eat. They give a lot of advice for me too.
Thai friends, international friends thank you for being kind to me and being my friend.
We went for a vacation at Taiwan too.

your goals

I would like to learn marketing and communication management.
Also want to learn anthropology.
I would like to be a marketing researcher.
After graduating school I want to take my master’s. I would like to go to graduate the school from England. The king college. It’s one of the world ranking school.
Although it’s a prestigious prestige and difficult, I would like to challenge.

some advice for your junior students

By studying to abroad, I was be able to discover myself.
I was be able to know my self
I will start all, act boldly and excitingly.
Just beginning.

your desire to japan

It will be helpful if there is a short bus leaves the university
It will be grateful if you also get the monorail

It is convenient to go to airport too.
It is hard to get on bus with suitcase.
Sometimes I have my tutor to send me by car,

Dao thank you for responding to the interview.
I was surprised to see Dr.Siriporn’s niece.
I would like Dao to try to your dream and I hope you could graduate London too.
And come to Japan again.

Please be a professional with marketing and please be the bridge between Thailand an d Okinawa business.

“SITA” will support your dream!