[Thailand] I want to make my own place

International student guest is “Meam” RYUKYU university student who came from Thailand.

Name: Chanika Lertchaiworegul
Nickname: meam
Age: 23
Country: Bangkok
University: Chulalongkorn University
Grade: 3
High School: Triaumudomsuksa

reason for wanting to study in japan

I’ve been experience studying in Aichi prefecture before.
And I’ve wanted to go to a place where I could feel japan like Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.
After going there I thought that it doesn’t fit me at all. But Okinawa was different from the other.

Okinawa is look like Thailand.

I have made lots of friends after I came in here.
The people in here has a big personality.
Burn out.
I got lost thinking a lot about life and I wanted to take a break for a while.

reason for choosing school

Because it is partnered with my school.

About The good thing you had in japan

I’ve got a lot of friends.
I’ve got both Thailand and Japanese friends.
I’ve gone whale watching too.

About The difficulty you had in japan

They didn’t know about international driver’s license when I went to go to buy a car.
And I don’t know how much does it cost too.
I’ve got a car by 90,000yen in here.

The person you appreciate

My roommate.
I’m not good at making a nice relationship with people.
So I’m really worry about my roommate at first. But she gave me confidence after getting along with her,

Your goal in life

I want to earn a lot of money.
And then I want to manage a hotel in a nice place.
I want to make my own place.

your desire to japan

I hope that library opens 24hours.
The current library is really quiet that I want a working space at 1 floor.
I think that the whole space is quiet.
I wonder if there is a space to relax a bit.

Thank you Meam for the interview.

Coming to japan makes her relax and make her got a lot of friends.
I hope you can experience a lot before going back.
SITA news will support your dream!
Good luck!