[Laos] You can grasp a good experience in your life

International student guest is Soukky from Laos.

Name: Thanaphone Nanthalath
Nickname: Soukky
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Country: Laos Viantiane
University: National University of Laos
Department: Politics and Public Administration
Grade: 4
High School: Sotthachit School

the reason you chose japan

I think that japan is the best country in Asia.
I also love the food, the service, education and manner is good too.
So I chose japan.

the reason you chose this university

Okinawa is surrounded in the sea.
There is no sea in Laos. So I want to go where you can live by the sea.
Tokyo has a tons of people and I don’t like in that kind of environment.

So I’m really happy to be here.
And there is a scholarship in RYUKU.

the good thing came in here.

You can be friends with a lot of international students.
You can learn international food, culture.
I became more interested in the culture of my country.
I ‘m really happy to have such an experience being in here, my experience in here is one of my best thing in my life.

the difficulties you have in japan.

The transportation is inconvenient
And the transportation fee is really expensive.

the people your thankful

Mr. Suzuki of the RYUKYU University. He can speak Thai language and Laos language.
He teaches me a lot. I am really thankful for that.

your goals

I will take a test of public official of the Lao government. I already got a job from legal work.
I want to get better at Japanese.
And when I return to Laos, I would want to be a civil servant interpret with the Japanese government.
And I want to achieve my dream to support my family in the future.

advice to junior students

I would like to recommend to all Laos people to study in japan.
You can grasp a good experience in your life, so do not disappoint yourself in the future, and do your best!

your desire to japan

I would like to come back to japan again.
I would like to go to the top 10 university.
I would like to acquire a master’s or doctor’s course
The study abroad system is difficult. I want you to make it a lot easier.

Soukky thank you for the interview.

Thanks for coming to Okinawa from the Laos where sea doesn’t exist.
I’m really happy.
Please be a bridge between Laos and Okinawa.
“SITA” will support Soukky’s dream.