[Indonesia] Search and reach your dream

International student guest is “Phillip” RYUKYU university student who came from Indonesia.

Name: Phillipus uli basa Hutabarat
Nickname: Phillip
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Country: Indonesia sumaran city
University: Diponegoro University
Department: Graduated from faculty of marine and science department
Grade: 2nd
High School: SMA Negeri 3 Semarang.

reason for wanting to study in japan

I didn’t think especially about it.
My teacher recommend me this school when I’m studying ocean science.
When I was a high school student I was taking Japanese classes, but I didn’t expect that I would be in japan to study.

reason for choosing school

My school is partnered with Okinawa school
And my teacher recommend me this school.

About The glad thing you had in japan

There is a scholarship so I’ve made coming in here.
I got a great opportunity.
The climate in Okinawa is familiar to Indonesia so it is very easy to live.
I am glad that I can do a research about ocean science.

About The difficulty you had in japan

Winter season. Okinawa is really cold when the season is winter

The wind is strong too.

The person you appreciate

My Indonesian friends.
They taught me a lots of things.
I’ve got a friends in here too

Your goal in life

I would like to be a research of marine science.
I want to go to various countries to represent various research.
And I want to teach marine science to various people.

I like creatures since I was a child, I also liked sea animals and plants.
I studied the marine science division. I like whale the most.
My second favorite is Manatee.

An advice for the International student who wants to came here

Search your dream and reach your dream.

Good luck!

Your desire at Japan School

I hope that a lots of international students came here in RYUKYU University.
Japanese people are really hard workers.
Learning from that brings international students a good experience.

Phillip Thank you for the interview!
I hope you could be here for a long time.
And I wish you could be a marine researcher in the future.

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