[Egypt] discover new things of different countries.

guest is Atef RYUKYU University from Egypt.

Name: Mohamed Atef Khalil.
Nickname: Atef
Sex: male
Age: 24
Birth: Egypt kailocity
University: Ryukyu
Grade: 2
High school: Yehila elrafie

the good thing you came in here

When I was a kid I was watching dragon ball.
With the influence of games and Walkman I got interested in Japanese appliances
My father works for an insurance company, my mother is a high school teacher.

the reason you chose this school

There were several universities that can be reached by JICA’s scholarship.
I chose this school because there was an offer from it.

the good thing you came in here

Learning Japanese culture.
I learned the greetings and the respecting others in here.
I was always impressed with the generosity of the Japan.

the difficulties you have in here

The people who can speak English are really few.

the people you are thankful

My lab friends.
They help me with searching apartment a lot.

your goal

I want to get an internship from Japanese companies after graduating.
I want to learn about Japanese business.

advice for your junior who wants to go study abroad

Please go on a journey
And please learn from the people you met on your trip.
And discover culture, ideas, way thinking and mind from the people of different countries.
Please learn.

your desire to japan

Egypt is not just desert.
There are oceans and fish too.
I recommend Egyptian food called fool.
It would be nice if Japanese people would be interested more about Egypt.

Atef, thank you for the interview.
SITA will support your dream.