Yakiniku, a Japanese style BBQ, is one of the most popular food in Japan that inspired by Korean BBQ since Korean War. Nowadays, Yakiniku is knowned widely and loved by people around the world.

There are many Yakiniku restaurants in Japan. Most restaurants decorated with Japanese style table and charcoal grill and cooker hood which is the standard of BBQ restaurant since 1980.

Types of Beef Cuts

The following lists are types of beef cuts that served in Yakiniku restaurant.


Lean cuts of meat from around the shoulder and back. This is one of the most popular beef cuts types because of its soft and tender taste.


Boneless short rib. It is the most popular beef cuts for Yakiniku.


Skirt steak, comes from the diaphragm area. It is tender and less fat.


The cut of beef that’s under the shoulder blades. It has a unique sweet and tender taste.


Beef tongue. Most of them seasoned with salt or sauce before serving. The taste is a little chewy and crispy.

Most beef cuts have a special class that contain Jou (上) in front of name like “Jou Rose”, “Jou Karubi” which have more marbling texture than the normal one. Moreover, not only beef served at Yakiniku restaurants, there are also pork, innards, seafood and others.

Japanese Beef Grade

There are 15 classes of Japanese beef (C1-C5, B1-B5 and A1-A5). Each restaurant serve variety grade of beef include A4-A5, the premium beef grade that cost very expensive. They called this premium beef as “Wagyu Beef.”

How to Enjoy Yakiniku

The tips for the best taste of beef while eating Yakiniku are as follows:

  • Beef should be grilled at medium level. If your beef is very thin, grill about 5-10 seconds and flip it only 1 time.
  • Beef should be ordered in moderation because the temperature affects the taste of beef. For experiencing the authentic taste of beef, we recommend to grill and eat at piece by piece.
  • You can seasoning the beef by using salt, lemon and Tare sauce. However, seasoning the meat as less as possible for the authentic taste.


“Osaka” The town of Yakiniku

Osaka is the home town of yakiniku in Japan because of its popular since 1945. Now, there are lots of Yakiniku restaurant in Osaka where you can find to enjoy easily.