Monday, October 30, 2017 in Nago City hall was held the very first 世界ウチナーンチュの日or

1st World Uchinanchu Day. It was a festival to celebrate the culture and heritage of

Okinawans not only in Okinawa but also in all over the world. The organizers were hoping that

the World Uchinanchu Day will be held every year of October.

Before the event, in every streets and corners of Nago City, there is an advertisement flags

showing the upcoming 1st World Uchinanchu Day. The organizers, Nago City officials, as well

as the people of Nago City were very excited for the upcoming event.

(Advertisement flags regarding the upcoming 1st World Uchinanchu Day)


All the officials of Nago City, the organizers, as well as the citizens of Nago City did their

best for the event become successful. Many people helped to the event. They did show the

unity and the preparedness of the Okinawans and how they were very excited about the event.

(The preparing time for the 1st World Uchinanchu Day event.)

It was the first time to do the event and they are very excited about it. Because it was the

first and this is the first year of the event, the event was not so extravagant but it was lived to

the expectations of the people. Because it was more than a festival or event, but it was a

showcase of the culture and heritage of the Uchinanchus or the Okinawans not all over

Okinawa but all over the world. At that time, the weather was not good so there was a

possibility of rain and the event may be cancelled but it looks like the weather are want also to

celebrate also the day. They have stage, improvised chairs and a sound system set-up in the

Nago City Hall grounds. Not so far in the grounds, they have set-up also some booths and

mini-stores near the stage and the audience’s area, selling Okinawan foods and beverages.

(The people starting to arrive as the event was soon to start.)

The event started with children running to the city hall grounds going to the stage, holding

the advertisement flags of 1st World Uchinanchu Day and they pass the yellow sash to the

Mayor Susumu Inamine, mayor of Nago City. Passing the yellow sash symbolizing the start of

1st World Uchinanchu Day. The mayor gave some inspirational words before the event started.

Many people performed in the event. One of the first to performed was group of foreign

university students living now in Nago City as international students of Meio University and

they were all Okinawan-Japanese descent. They danced an Okinawan traditional dance. It was

very beautiful to watch. Because the dance was so graceful.

(Children running while holding the advertisement flag of the event.)

(The man in yellow shirt with a yellow sash was the Nago City Mayor Susumu Inamine.)

Next group of performers was a group of kids dancing Okinawan lion dance. It was very cute

to watch. And then another group of children performed the Eisa, an Okinawan traditional

group folk dance that accompanied with drums and dancers. Eisa is a very lively dance and it

performed in every festivals and events in Okinawa. Every year not only in Nago City but also

all over Okinawa Prefecture, they held the annual Eisa competition. Different Eisa groups

from all over Okinawa competing to become the best Eisa group.

(Kids performed Eisa, an Okinawan traditional group folk dance.)