Wi-Fi Guide for Long Term Stays in Japan

The most important when living abroad is “Internet.” Especially, in country that do not use English as the official language like Japan. Having internet connection in phone or pocket Wi-Fi is make you more comfortable.

Nowadays, there are many foreign students come to study in Japan. The number of internet needs in different ways is also increase as well. Many internet service companies in Japan promote their special promotion for foreigners who live both short term and long term stays.

For short term stays, tourist SIM card and free Wi-Fi service in hotel, guesthouse or other public spots is enough for a trip. But for long term stays (maybe three months up), monthly internet promotion for connecting with your computer in your apartment is the best choice. The two recommend for using monthly internet promotion are as follows:

Rental Pocket Wi-Fi

This choice is very popular in foreigners because it can prepare everything from your home country. There are information in English and convenient delivery service to make you feel happy.

There are many internet service companies in Japan. Each company has different promotion, such as student promotion and business promotion. The price is up to high-speed internet and special offer. Most of them is around 3,500-7,000 JPY per month.

Rental Process

  1. Find out details about pocket Wi-Fi package you need in interest company website
  2. Fill in your in private information, such as name and address, and then send order
  3. Payment (Credit Card)
  4. Delivery to your accommodation
  5. Return pocket Wi-Fi when contract end

Pocket Wi-Fi service company (Long Term)

Wi-Fi Service in Apartment

For those who want internet in room but do not want a very high-speed internet, Wi-Fi Service in Apartment is your suitable choice.

Anyway, information about this choice is all in Japanese. If you decide to use this service, you need to start from choosing apartment process and find out Wi-Fi promotion. The monthly cost is around 1,500-2,500 JPY per month.

EXAMPLE: How to connect Wi-Fi apartment

When using service from apartment, the next step is setting Wi-Fi with your devices. Most rules and guidelines are usually in Japanese and it is not easy for foreigners. This example of setting Wi-Fi in “LEOPALACE” is a guideline to help you more understanding

  1. STEP 1
    Turn on television. Press and hold the triangle (left) and circle (center) button together for 5 minutes
  2. STEP 2
    Select English mode
  3. STEP 3
    Input User ID and Room No.
  4. STEP 4
    Input LEONET ID and Password
  5. STEP 5
    Setting your new ID and Password with the security question
  6. STEP 6
    Input personal information and contact number
  7. STEP 7
    Finish and getting start!

Moreover, student dormitory in some schools and universities are provided free Wi-Fi service for students. Some internet service companies are also offer a special promotion for student-only. To get Wi-Fi service in save and efficiency price, students who plan to study in Japan have to update information and news closely.