Type of Part-time Job in Japan

In Japan, there are many part-time jobs for students. Each job has different types and different style of work that students can choose by their aptitude and interests. The following lists are part of part-time jobs for foreigners in Japan:


1. Restaurant Staff

There are two types for working as restaurant staff, namely service staff and kitchen staff. Service staff has to responsible service in all restaurant area, such as order, serving and coordinate with others. Kitchen staff main duties are cooking food and making beverages.

The allowance for family and fast food restaurant is around 850-950 JPY per hour while izakaya restaurant is around 1,000 JPY. The allowance will especially increase 25% per hour for night shift working.

The special benefit for restaurant staff is FREE meal. Some restaurants also give a special discount for their staffs. If you are foreigner, it will be a good opportunity to learn about Japanese restaurant service culture.


2. Lecturer at Tutor School

Being lecturer at tutor school is one of the most popular part-time jobs for college students. This job is not a laboring job and it also earns good income. Taking responsibility for class study and examination both private course (1-3 people) and group course (10-20 people) is your main point.

The teaching allowance at tutor school is around 1,200-1,500 JPY per hour for private course and 1,500-2,000 JPY per hour for group course. You not only earn good income, but you also have more free time to do others activity that you want. However, this job needs a high level of responsibility for teaching to standard in each school.  Knowledge, skills and abilities are really important for students who want to apply for this job.


3. Home Tutor

Another teaching job for college students is home tutor. This job allowance is around 1,500-2,500 JPY per hour depend on agreement between tutor and student’s parents.

Home tutor is one of the most challenge jobs because you have only one student and you have to put all of your effort to help your student get a better grade. Although home tutor has good income, it is not balance with transportation time and expenses. It is also sometimes cumbersome because some students who get a job through agency are required to submit teaching report every time without overtime pay.


4. Convenience Store / Supermarket Staff

Most convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan have many branches and they usually open 10.00am – 10.00pm from morning until night or 24 hour without close. So that is why recruiting convenience store and supermarket staff will often on the employment board.

Convenience store and supermarket staff have to take a responsible for placing goods on shelves, standing on the cashier, supporting customer and cleaning. Other tasks depend on the growth of business, such as home delivery, stamp sales, food and beverage, and bills payment. The allowance is around 750-900 JPY per hour and will especially increase 25% per hour for night shift working.

Working as convenience store and supermarket staff is good for students who want to easily arrange their own study timetable and work shift. This job also no needs much customer service skills like others. Although the allowance may not so high, many college students apply for this part-time job.


5. Karaoke Shop Staff

Many karaoke shops in Japan open after 12pm until the next morning and most college student work in evening period. The numbers of customer usually depend on shop location. The shop near university or izakaya restaurant will busier than the shop near resident area.

Karaoke shop staffs have to serve food and beverage, sometimes cooking, cleaning and support customer. The allowance is around 900-1,000 JPY per hour and especially plus 1,000 JPY per hour for night shift working. This job is suited for students who like music. However, karaoke shop is a place where many Japanese come for relax and held party, some customer drinking too much will noisy and difficult to deal with.


6. Event Staff

Many events held in Japan every year, such as concert, sports exhibition, product exhibition, art exhibition and academic seminar. There are a variety of works that student able to apply. For example, moving and support staff, organizing staff, ticket sales staff, security staff, product sales staff, R&D Staff etc.

The allowance of event staff is around 1,000 JPY per hour. Most events are required free time for meeting and briefing on the day before event start. This is one of the most popular part-time jobs for students who want to earn much money in a short period and have fun with interesting event.


7. Resort Staff

Ryokan, seaside resort, ski resort and others resort staff are popular part-time job among students who live near tourist spot in semester break. There are many types of work, such as, reception, housekeeper, kitchen staff and customer service staff.

The allowance is around 1,000 JPY per hour. It is a good job to earn money and experiences in various kinds of fields. However, most resort staff requires at least 3-6 months working period, students who want to apply for short time have to carefully check a job conditions.


8. Clothing and Jewelry Store Staff

Clothing and jewelry store staff have to service customer, sell products, get products on shelves and clean up store. Students who love service job and prefer to work in a nice decoration store with good allowance more than 1,000 JPY per hour usually apply for this job.

The special benefits for working in clothing and jewelry store is uniform. Sales staff will offer to wear a nice clothes and jewelry from the store brands. They can also develop and improve their personality and communication skills from meeting many customers.


9. Net Café / Manga Café Staff

Most net café and manga café open 24 hour, so students who want to arrange their work schedule to suit with their study timetable are usually apply for this job. The main responsibilities are clean up store, service customer, prepare food-beverages and wash dishes. The allowances depend on working shift, such as morning shift, afternoon shift and night shift which is around 1,200 JPY per hour.

Net café and manga café staff will be able to read any comics and surf the café internet as special benefits. However, net café and manga café is a place where Japanese men and couple come for adult movie sometimes; staffs have to accept this condition and cleanup in this case.


10. Exam Invigilator

The main duty of exam invigilator is watching the examination candidates to prevent cheating during the examination. Others task is prepare for exam center, give students papers with answer sheets and collect after the exam is over. The allowance for invigilator is around 900-1,000 JPY. Students who apply for this job usually have to wear a formal suit, no accessories and no hair dye.

This job maybe boring sometimes but students can get paid well while working in short period, so exam invigilator is very popular part-time job among college students.


11. Book Store Staff

Book store staff is really recommended for students who love reading. The main duties are clean up the store, service customer, put books on shelves and keep books neatly.

The allowance is around 800-1,000 JPY with benefits for staff to buy any books in the cheapest price. Book store staff will know the new release books first and may have a chance to meet a various book lovers to make a relationship connection.


12. Checking Test Staff

Only few people know about this job. The main duty for working as checking test staff is checking and scoring the exam both subjective and multiple choice questions.

The allowance depends on how professional you are. If you can check one test paper in 3-5 minutes, your allowance will be around 2,000 JPY per hour! This job is also able to work at home. However, the application period for this job is not fixed schedule, students who want to apply have to check news and update closely.


13. House Moving Porter

House moving porter is a popular job among male students. The main duty is support customer moving house. The necessary skill for this job is communication because before moving any luggage and furniture, every porter has to get briefing from customers. Which one should be careful moving, which one broken easily, the porter should know.

The high allowance for this job depends on how quick and professional you are. There are usually both hourly pay and daily pay. Hourly pay is normally around 1,000-1,400 JPY per hour. Daily pay is around 10,000-14,000 JPY per day.

This job is one of the highest earning part-time jobs for students. You can use your energy efficiently as same as exercise while working. However, lifting too heavy and getting into a dirty place sometimes may harmful to your health, balance working and always be careful is the best way to take care yourself.