[Thai] Do challenge with something new to you

guest is “Meuy” RYUKYU university student who came from Thailand.

Name: Suphanee Phatcharaphisutsin.
Nickname: Meuy. But it’s really hard to pronounce in japan so they called me Mai in here
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Country: Bangkok
University: Chulalongkorn University
Department: Faculty of political science Department
Grade: 4th grade
High School: Thidanukhro School

reason for wanting to study in japan

I like Japanese manga. That was started a firm to know japan.
I began to study Japanese when I was high school because I get more interested in japan.
I had an opportunity to have a homestay I japan, I stayed in Tochigi Utsunomiya prefecture for 2months at summer school.
When I was high school, my parents were worried a lot about my studying abroad.
My mother became ok, when I became a college student, but my father was still worried.

reason for choosing school

My university is partnered with the school of Okinawa.
And my teacher recommend me this school too.

About The good thing you had in japan

I was interested in Okinawa culture, history and food.
But Okinawa students doesn’t know at all about it
I thought I know about of my country where I lived.
But I knew that I didn’t know anything about my country too.
After I knew this I start to learn about my country.
Learning about the culture and history here, makes me need to learn about my own country too.

About The difficulty you had in japan

I couldn’t make Japanese friends at first when I came here.
But when I get to speak Japanese, I got to be friends with them.
Japanese people can’t speak Thailand nor English languages so it makes me difficult to make friends at first.

The person you appreciate

My tutor friend.
She can also speak English, but she push me from back to
Speak in Japanese and it make me get better. She listens to me even I speak very slowly.
I’m very thankful to her.

Your goal in life

I want to be rich.
I would like to be a researcher in sociology.
I supported my teacher’s research.
I did research about social media. I would like to study further with the different methods.

An advice for the International student who wants to came here

Don’t give up!
Do challenge with something new to you.
Please come to Japan, Okinawa.
The food and people in here were really nice.
Come and experience it in here.
Good luck

Thank you Meuy for the interview.
SITA will support your dream to be a sociology researcher.
Good luck!