Taxi in Japan

Taxi is one of the most comfortable and very convenience transportation in Japan, especially for foreigners. So, in this article, we will introduce you about some tips for using taxi service in Japan.

Taxi Service

Taxi in Japan is very convenience if you need to travel after time of train service (after 0.00). Lots of people will use this service especially on Friday and Saturday nights. You can take a taxi in Japan at the taxi service point around train station, bus station or other tourist spots.

Taxi Status

You can check the taxi status following by this tips:

  • If the taxi show the RED light text with the word 空車, the taxi is ‘available.’
  • If the taxi show the GREEN light text with the word 賃走, the taxi is ‘unavailable.’

Automatic Taxi Door

Japanese cabs have automatic door open systems. So it is convenient because you no need to open or close door by yourself. However, for foreigners who do not familiar with taxi in Japan, you have to be very careful because the systems might be broken when you try to open or close the door by yourself and it can also make the taxi driver upset because of your bad manner.

The Amount of Passengers

According to Japanese Traffic Law, the maximum amount of passengers allowed in a taxicab is four only. If more than that you have to call for another taxi. In addition, you also have to fasten seat belt while using the service at all times.

Always Prepare Maps or Address of your Destination

Most taxi drivers in Japan, except the tourist city like Tokyo, cannot communicate in English. So if you do not have any Japanese skills, we recommend you to prepare maps or address of your destination for your convenience transportation.

Taxi Fare

Taxi fare in Japan are relatively high compared to the distance. It is starting from 400 – 700 yen for the first 2 kilometres and 80 – 90 yen for the next 400 metres depend on the policy of service company. You can estimate fare for your ride at

Pay Taxi Fare by Credit Card

Most taxis in Japan are able to pay the fare by using cash, credit card and IC Card (For example, JR East Suica Card, etc.). In case of cash payment, please remember that bargain or tipping the driver is really not polite.