Sumo Tournament and Ticket Purchase in Japan

Sumo is a well-known Japan’s national sport wrestling which loved by people around the world. For those who want to experience the real Sumo tournament in Japan once in a life. In this article, we will give you some useful information about Sumo tournament and ticket purchase in Japan.

About Sumo

Sumo is the Japanese traditional-style wrestling that have a long history. In traditional, only men can be accepted to be a professional sumo wrestler for entry to the official tournament.

The rule of Sumo is very simple. The wrestler who touch the area outside the ring first will be judged to be defeated in that round. Sumo tournament are divided into 6 divisions according to the abilities of the wrestlers (from high to low) which are Makuuchi, Juryo, Makushita, Sandanme, Jonidan and Jonokuchi. It does not take long times in each round. These divisions are not limit the wrestler weight, so the Sumo wrestler have to use both physical and tactical skills to defeat the opponent.

Sumo Stadium in Japan

There are 6 sumo tournaments in Japan every year. It is held by Japan Sumo Association in four prefectures which are Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. The duration of each tournament is around 15 days. You can find sumo schedule at the website of Japan Sumo Association.

Japan Sumo Association |

  • Tokyo: Ryōgoku Kokugikan
  • Osaka: EDION Arena Osaka
  • Nagoya: Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium
  • Fukuoka: Fukuoka Kokusai Center


Sumo Tickets Purchase

For those who are interested in Sumo tournament, you can buy tickets at (English). There are also some useful information about Sumo tournament in this website, such as, schedule, place and ticket price.

Remember that most tickets are sold out quickly due to the popular national sport. If you want to see the tournament with your own eyes, please do reserve seat in advance.

Seat Types



The closest Sumo ring seat that give you the best experience for Sumo tournament watching. However, Ringside Seat is the most expensive seat. Most tickets sold out immediately as soon as sale opening.


Box Seat is the Japanese-style seat with Japanese cushions that have 4 available seats in one group. This is the seat which provided you the best experience of watching Sumo in traditional style. However, if your group is less than 4 people, you have to share seat with others.


Western-style seat that available in second floor. Chair Seat is the cheapest seat types in Sumo stadium. Tickets can be purchased on the day of the tournament. If you are not interested in Sumo that much but want to experience it once in your life, this seat type is suited for you.

In addition to tournament for people who loved Sumo wrestling, you can also visit Sumo Museum. This place is full of interesting Sumo story from the past to present. It is located at 1st floor of Ryōgoku Kokugikan, Tokyo.