How to Survive the Rush Hour in Japan

Japan is one of the countries which has the best public transportation system in the world. It is known by quality service and punctuality, such as, bus, train and taxi. You will see japanese people choosing train or bus for going to work or study in every morning and evening.

However, Japan is also a country with a large populations, especially in the big cities like Tokyo and Osaka. For foreigners who live in those area and have to go to work or study by Japanese public transport in rush hour, in this article, we will introduce you some tips to survive the rush hour in Japan.

Check the route before departure

Before departure you have to check your route carefully. Remember that train or bus timetables from the start to destination is very important for you to know in advance to make the least mistakes.

Spare your time

Spare your time at least one hour before appointment. Because sometimes there are some unexpected events happen, such as, heavy snow, train problems or other accidents. You also have to allow your time for train transfer (about 1 kilometre in some station).

Do not use mobile phone while walking in the station

Due to the rush hour, there are lots of people in the station. Most of them are in hurry, so please do not use mobile phone while walking in the station for your safety.

Keep standing on one side of the escalator

In Japan, when using the escalator you have to stand on one side and leave the other side for people who are in hurry to walk. Each prefecture has different rules, but it can be easily remembered that “Kanto left Kansai right”

Keep watching

While walking in the station, you have to be careful to look for direction signs to prevent walking the wrong way or avoid colliding with others.

Do not use an umbrella

Do not use an umbrella in the station, especially at the train platform. Moreover, the selfie sticks are also prohibited in this area.

Do not wait for the train at the middle of the door

While waiting for the train on the platform, you should stand on the right-hand or left-hand side of the platform gates. Do not stand at the middle of the door. When the train stop, please wait for passenger leaving the train first. Remember that when entering the train you also have to mind the gap between train and platform.

Wait behind the yellow line

For your safety, please wait for the train behind the yellow line, especially in the station that have no platform screen doors.

Check the train number

In Japan, there are many tracks and platforms in one station. So before getting on any trains, please check your route platform and train number carefully.

Study the train station map

If you study the station map before departure, you will save a lot of times, because you will know everything without asking the staff, such as, the exit, escalator, elevator, platform and the interchange station pathway.

Mute the mobile phone while travelling

To avoid disturbing others, please switch the mobile phone to “mute mode” or “vibrate” and use only text message, chat application or email to communicate while travelling.

Make yourself ready to exit

When the train nearly arrive at the destination, please be ready to move yourself close to the exit door. If inside the train is too crowded to move, you can ask for exit loudly when the train reach your destination.