Riding Bicycle in Japan

Riding bicycle is the one of common transportation in Japan. Perfect for who want to travel to destination that not so far from your place like go to universities, shopping or working. Not only help you convenience, but also a good exercise. That’s why abroad student in Japan owned bicycle and love to cycling.

In Japan, There are a rule of riding bicycle that should learn If you plan for using bicycles.You may be promptly liable to legal action if you don’t follow the rules.


Rules of riding bicycle in Japan

On foot path, please use bike lane if available.

Using a bike lane or the most loft of the road.

If you ride on foot path with no bike lane, please take care of people who are walking by slow down or stop.


For your safety please following the rule below:

Don’t ride when get drunk

Don’t ride pillion (Except children)

Don’t ride along the road together.

Turn on the light when ride at night.

Take care off traffic light.

Always check your safety when stop at intersection.

In case if you have children ride pillion, Please use helmet to children for safety.

Don’t use cellphone, earphone, umbrella while riding

In addition to the rules above, there are a few of rules that be different depend on various areas.


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