Public Library in Japan

Learning is never ending process, especially in student life. Library is one of places where you can get lots of knowledge as much as you can. Not only school and university library, but there are also many public libraries in Japan which available for everyone. In this article, we will introduce about public library in Japan.

There are more than 3,274 public libraries around Japan (Data from 2010). Most libraries are located in cities and prefectures where people can easily access. The public libraries are open for free to everyone both Japanese and foreigners.

Borrowing Books

You can borrow books from public library by using resident card or passport. However, it depends on terms and conditions of each public library.

Public Library Etiquette

The following lists are public library etiquette:

  • Be careful and avoid damage to the library asset.
  • Please return your borrowing book within period.
  • Do not eat or drink in library.
  • Keep quiet when using library.
  • Do not take any photo in library.
  • Do not hold more than one issue of the most recent magazines and newspapers.
  • Keep cleaning.
  • Please use your laptop in designated area only.

You can find list of many public libraries in Japan at日本の図書館一覧