Private Companies Scholarship


Private Companies Scholarship

One of the Scholarship other than Scholarship by government (mext) or local goverment. Its Provided by private companies in a part of CSR.

Types of private companies Scholarship

There are a lot of private companies Scholarship support type etc. free-scholarship and conditional scholarship . some company support about tuition fee, some company support only monthly payment.

How to contact and applicate

There are a lot of private companies in japan that provide scholarship and have variation of support type. Please

Guide to select the scholarship

  1. Checking availability of school you would like to enter
    This type of scholarship is a cooperation between company and school. so, Please check availability of school that you would like to enter before you apply to scholarship
  2. total of benefit
    Important point for consider. Each company may have deferent of benefit. More benefit make more interest.
  3. Term and Condition
    Please carefully about Term and Condition of scholarship of each company. some company offer free-scholarship but some company, Student need to do an activity or working while study until graduate.
  4. Student nationality
    Scholarship may strict about student nationality. some scholarship can apply by japanese student only. Please carefully check information before apply.
  5. Scholarship Cancelation
    Remember that each company can cancel scholarship every time if you not follow the rules or policy. You shouldn’t choose scholarship with a strict policy that hard to keep follow. Scholarship cancelation may make you lost opportunity.

Example of application form from Yamaha Scholarship

  1. Scholarship information and benefit
    Number of Scholar : 10
    Age 13 – 15
    Any nationality welcome
    Can’t combine this scholarship with other musical-related scholarship (other scholarship welcome)
    can’t get this scholarship If you had musical-related scholarship before
    benefit 100,000 yen per month
    Period : 3 years (Start from April 1017)
  2. Information of apply method and document that need for apply. This one is required CV, Composition, Example of music performance.
  3. Information about period of apply
  4. Information about screening and interview
  5. Information about Annoucement
  6. Information about document that need after you earn scholarship
  7. Information about sending benefit to receiver
  8. Information about scholarship scholarship


Scholarship Supported Company List