Prevention from Colds and Flu


“Flu and colds”, ways of prevention

What is “Kaze”? (flu/cold in Japanese)

“The flu or cold” is a disease caused by viruses or bacterias that inffects the nose or the throat. It causes cough, running nose, you will feel like your throat is hurting. In severe cases, it causes fever and fatigue. “The flu or cold” is normally transmitted to person from person. Be careful in case there is a epidemy. It is easier to catch “a cold or the flu” when your immune system is weak. When the seasons starts to change, when the temperature changes constantly, it is easier to get sick so beware.
Japan is a long contry north-south wise. So the temperatures are different in each area and season. Pay attention to the temperature of the area you will be studying and be careful to not catch a cold or the flu.

Let’s prevent from getting a cold, or the flu.


1. Temperature and regulating it

When it’s cold don’t warm up your room too much, because your immune system strength will decrease and you will get sick. Set your room’s temperature between 20 to 22 degrees Celsius. Also the dry air will cause damage to your health. It is recommended that you set the humidity to 50% to 60%. Use wet towels or humidifier.

2. Socks and Scarves

It is important to build resistance by wearing thin clothes, but when it’s cold is necessary to keep your body warm. If you keep your feet and your neck warm, it will be easy to resist the cold. So use socks and scarves.

3. Wash your hands and gargle

Every time you come back to your house, wash your hands. Use soap to wash them if possible. By gargling, it prevents the virus from infecting your throat.

4. “Yusame”

If you don’t dry out your hair or your body after a shower, your body will get cold. The act in Japanese is called “Yusame”. If the temperature change is drastic you will be sick easily, so dry out well and keep your body warm.

5. Wear mask (in winter)

Especially in winter, wear masks in order to not breathe in the viruses. Also, wear masks when you catch a cold or have the flu to not pass it on to others.

6. Being healthy

To not catch a cold or the flu, pay attention to your daily life. Well balanced meals, occasional exercises, etc. It is important to strenghten your immune system.


※ If you have the flu or caught a cold, take a rest. Use the proper medicine, and if it gets worse, it is important to go to a clinic or the hospital. If you don’t go in the early stages, you will be spending more money than necessary after that.