Points to be noted when working part-time jobs

Foreign students who work part time jobs in Japan must be aware of the following points:


Points to be noted when working Part-Time jobs

Take a note on employment status

When you apply for a part-time job, ask the following questions to the interviewer of the employer at the first job interview.

  • Days of duty
  • Wage per working hour
  • Payday
  • The person responsible for recruiting
  • Other matters you find necessary to ask

There are not many procedures in Japan for employing part-time workers such as concluding “Employment Contract.” You may be able to avoid trouble by keeping your memo just in case any misunderstanding arises between the parties later. You can ask the interviewer to provide their information in writing, or you can take notes yourself with obtaining permission from your interviewer.

When you decide your part-time job through an information magazine, cut the want-ad out of the magazine and keep it.

Be sure to receive and keep the payslip

When your wage is paid, be sure to receive and keep the payslip. Also keep in detail the record of the days and hours you worked and the wage paid to you, which may help you avoid trouble such as non-payment of wages.

Do not be absent or late without notice

You must be ca
reful not to be absent or late without notice even though you are a part-time worker. If you are going to be late or have intention to be absent from your work because you suddenly feel sick, be sure to give notice by phone to your employer.


Accident during Part-Time work

If you are involved with an accident while you are working part-time, or on the way between your home and your workplace, you are entitled to workers’ accident compensation insurance under Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act even if you are foreigner. If you get injured at your workplace, report the person responsible for your workplace and receive medical treatment.

RIC | Rousaihoken Information Center

If you get injured by a traffic accident on the way to or from your workplace, be sure to immediately receive medical treatment and notify the police of the accident. In such a case, first you will be treated at hospital and then enter into post-accident discussion.

Emergency Contact Number | Whole Country

Police (crime/accident): #110

Call “110”| Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department

Emergency (fire/rescue): #119

System of #119 | Tokyo Fire Department


Consulting Organizations

The Consulting Service Office of each prefecture and Labor Office of Bureau of Labor and Economic Affairs provide workers with assistance to settle problems that have arisen between them and their employers and cannot be settled themselves.

If you have a problem such as non-payment of wages, remember these offices and consult them soon. The problems described above may include the events in which, in spite of getting injured, you cannot get proper medical attention and you are not compensated for damage because of lack of understanding of the manager of your workplace. In such a case, do not hesitate to consult the relevant organization.

In Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Consultation Center is open at daytime on Monday through Friday.

Tokyo Metropolitan Labor Consultation Center


Tax in Japan

The taxation system are largely different depending on nations and social systems. In Japan, income tax may be imposed on and deducted from wages of part-time workers.

National Tax and Local Tax

The national tax called “income tax” is deducted from your wages paid for your part-time work, which is paid by your employer to the tax authority on behalf of you who worked part-time. The amount of income tax varies depending on the wage.

In addition, the income tax may be exempted from wages paid to Chinese students who study in colleges/universities in Japan if their wages are limited to supplement of their living or academic cost.

About Final Income Tax Return

The amount of income tax is the total revenue minus necessary expenses from the total income in one year. To declare whether there is more or less than the tax amount already paid is called “Final Income Tax Return.”

Every year from February 16th to March 15th, you have to report your final income to the tax office of your residence area. If there are a lot of taxes paid, you will be refunded. Those who are new and do not understand how to apply can be consulted directly at the tax office.

General Information about Final Income Tax Return | Final Return Declaration