Paying your student loans

After you graduate university (your student loans ends) you will need to return your loans.
Basically, you will need to start paying for it 6 months after you graduate. (If you graduate in March, the payment will begin in October)
Even after you got expelled, drop out of university, you will need to pay for it after 6 months of the occurrence.
If you don’t pay the loans for a long period of time, in the worst case, you will go to trial. If you can’t pay off your loans because you couldn’t find a job or got sick and can’t work because of that, contact the organization.
If something happens with the person who loaned the money and they can’t pay for it, you can use the system presented below.
※If even after the investigation they decline your reason, you will need to continue paying.

“Reduction of the loan”

You can only apply for this when you can’t pay the full loan, but half of it. It doesn’t reduct your loan. However, it is good to use this system in case you cannot work because of sickness.

“Grace Period”

When you cannot pay for it in your actual situation, and you want them to wait for a determined period. It’s a system that gives you time until you can start paying it off.

“Exemption from return”

When the person who loaned the money from the student loan  passed away, or cannot pay for it due inabilities or those who got a job in the education field or the research field.

“Payment according to income for those who applied for a interest-free loan”

When the students’ income is below 3 million yen per year, you can return it later. You can have a 5 years grace period in total. However, it only applies for those whom the loan was interest-free.

“Exemption from arrears”

For when you cannot return it and have arrears. They will cancel it.