[Papua New Guinea] be able to interact with foreign students from various countries

International student guest is “Olivia” RYUKYU university student who came from Papua New Guinea.

Name: Olivia Nelilah peni
Nickname: Oriko, Olivia
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Country: Papua New Guinea
University: Papua New Guinea
Department: Faculty of Political Science Department
Grade: 3rd year. 1 year exchange studying abroad
High School: jubilee catholic secondary school

the reason you want to study abroad

When I was junior high school student, there was an exhibition of Japanese culture by JICA.
I was be able to experience Japanese festival, bon odori, ikebana, origami, yukata, mocha making there.

the reason you pick this school

Because my school is partnered to RYUKU and WASEDA University. And I chose Okinawa because I prefer nature environment more than city environment.

the good thing you came to japan

I was be able to interact with foreign students from various countries.
By becoming a friend, I learned the culture of various countries.
I learned to know various idea with a lot of friends and it’s really good.

difficulties you have in japan

Shop staff nor restaurant staff cannot speak English troubles me.
I think it is good to communicate with English more.

the person you’re thankful

Professor Murahara from Osaka who was a Japanese teacher at Papua New Guinea and Professor Hasegawa from Gumma.
They were people who came with JICA volunteer.

Your goal in life

Returning to Papua New Guinea after graduating university, I’d like to go to graduate school in Japan Okinawa or US and get my doctorate.

And then I would like to be a staff member of the Embassy of Papua New Guinea in Japan Tokyo

your desire to japan

Japanese student are very shy.
People in English classes will only speak a bit.
I think it would be better to organize it by group work or university curriculum.

Olivia, thank you for responding to the interview.

Be the bridge between Japan and Papua New Guinea in the future.

“SITA” will support your dream to be a member of Papua New Guinea Embassy.