Rules and Manners of Japanese Onsen

One of the most famous activities in Japan is Japanese Onsen. If you are in Japan and want to relax with onsen, the following lists are rules and manners for using Japanese onsen.


Rules of Japanese Onsen

  • Take off your clothes in the changing room. The only thing you can bring into onsen is a small towel.
  • Take a shower before using onsen (the showering area is usually located in the same area as onsen). You can follow the Japanese way of shower by sitting on a chair.
  • After showering, wash your body again with warm water to prepare for the high temperature of onsen. You can start with your hands, feet, arms, legs and head.
  • Get into onsen slowly. Let’s start from the waist level first.
  • Then, lower your body to the shoulder level. You can move your legs and arms to help the blood flow.
  • If the sweat is on your forehead, it is a time to get out of onsen. You can dry yourself off with the towel immediately. The minerals from onsen will absorbed to your body, so showering again is no need.


Manners of Japanese Onsen

  • Do not pour the cold water into onsen.
  • Do not wash your towel in onsen, but you can bring the towel into onsen area and place it on your head or nearby.
  • Tie your hair up neatly before using onsen.
  • Do not wear swimsuit into onsen.
  • Keep quiet. Do not swim in onsen.
  • After finishing onsen, take more relax and drink lots of water.
  • Please dry yourself off before returning the changing room.
  • Do not use onsen after drinking alcohol.
  • Do not use onsen more than 3 times a day or stay in onsen for long times because you will become dizzy and fainting.

Japanese onsen is a recommended activity for foreigners to try at least once in a life! It might be embarrassing at first, but you will be fascinated for the next time.