What is Okonomiyaki?

“Okonomiyaki” is one of the most popular Japanese style grilled foods. It is made from wheat flour, cabbages, eggs, and meat.

In Japanese, the word “okonomi” means “like” and “yaki” means “grill.” When this two word together, it become “Okonomiyaki” which means “to mix everything you like and grill it.” That means in addition to wheat flour, you can use anything you want as ingredients of Okonomiyaki.

“Okonomiyaki” is originated in Osaka. In the time before World War started, Okonomiyaki named “Yoshokuyaki” which means “Western style grilled foods.” The main ingredients are wheat flour and meat. Sometimes it called “Issenyoshoku” which means “Western food 1 cent.” Issenyoshoku is adapted the taste to suit Osaka people and added more ingredients, such as cabbage and seafood after the World War. Later, it changed the name to “Okonomiyaki” until present.

Types of Okonomiyaki

There are two famous types of Okonomiyaki which are Osaka Okonomiyaki and Hiroshima Okonomiyaki.

Kansai/Osaka Okonomiyaki

Osaka Okonomiyaki is made by added every ingredients into flour, mix, and then grilled on the pan. Most popular ingredients are eggs, cabbages, beef, pork, bacon, squid, shrimp, kimchi, mochi, cheese, and other vegetables.

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki divided into many layers. The first layer is cabbage. Next are your favorite ingredients. You can add soba or udon at the second layer, meat at the third, and finally topped with egg and Okonomiyaki sauce.

Nowadays, Okonomiyaki is one of the most popular Japanese cuisines among Japanese people and foreigners. Not only in Osaka, but there are also many Okonomiyaki shops around Japan, such as Tokyo, etc. Moreover, some shops are self-service which means customers can experience how to cook Okonomiyaki by themselves. It is one of the most interesting activities for those who are interested in Japanese food.