Natsu Matsuri (Japanese Summer Festival)

Summer in Japan not only have an extremely hot weather, but there are also many summer festivals or it called “Natsu Matsuri” which is loved by Japanese and foreigners. Most Japanese festivals held in summer period during June to August. In this article, we would like to introduce you about Japanese Summer Festival.


Why most Japanese festivals held in summer?

The seasons between the rainy season and summer are the monsoon season in which people get sick easily. So around 1,100 years ago, Japanese summer festivals was held to bless the gods to stay healthy and not sick during the season.


Summer Festival in Japan

Fire work Festival

Fire work Festival is the largest and the most popular summer festival in Japan. Everyone come out with “Yukata” wearing and enjoy a beautiful firework that show in duration 1 – 2 hours.


Bon Odori Festival

The Japanese dance festival that held during 13th – 16th August every year. Bon Odori is a festival about perform dancing for welcome they predecessor’s soul back to home.


Mikoshi Festival

Mikkoshi Festival is festival about invite the god to the shrine by held a procession with replica shrine to parade along the town.


Although there are many summer festivals in Japan, each festival may held in different period depend on prefectures and areas. So before attend any festival, we reccomend to check for schedule at the official website or