National Health Insurance

The cost of treatment when sick or injured in Japan requires a fee. There may be cases where it will be expensive to treat major injuries or illnesses. For this reason, there is a medical insurance which reduces medical fees. So it is mandatory to join “National Health Insurance.”

Foreigners to stay in Japan for more than three months are also obligated to join National Health Insurance.

If you join National Health Insurance, an insurance card will be issued.

By presenting the insurance card when receiving treatment at a medical institution, you only need to pay 30% of the total medical expenses. However, it does not apply to special treatments such as gold teeth fillings, expensive treatments and special expensive higher ranked medicine.

  1. Apply at the ward office near your residence or the city hall (residence card and passport)
  2. Issued insurance card

Insurance Fee

It varies by area of ​​residence and amount of income, but 20,000 yen on average annually.