Moving Services in Japan

If you are living in Japan and currently looking for new house, in addition to rental agreement, moving services is another important thing you should not forget. In this article, we will introduce you about moving services in Japan.

What is ‘Moving Services’?

Moving services is a service for moving things, such as furniture, household kit, clothes, books, etc. to your new address. It is very convenient. You can fill your address and details in company website to get the quotation and choose the package. Then, it will go to the payment process.

Service Fee

Most moving services fee in Japan is quite expensive. The moving services company will evaluate the price based on the number of items you need to move. That’s mean if you have many boxes; you have to pay for higher price. We recommend you to read services condition from lots of companies before decided.

Moreover, moving services fee also has different price depend on time. The highest price is on Friday and the lowest price is on Monday and Tuesday, especially at noon.

Recommend Moving Services Company in Japan

However, moving services in each company will have different service areas. You have to read the information carefully before apply for using the services.