Monthly Ticket

In japan, Train is the the best mass transit system and very famous to japanese people and who work or study in japan. We would like to introduce a Train Monthly Pass that will help you convenience and save your money.

Train Monthly Pass “Teikiken (定期券)” are available at all train station and very convenient to purchase.

Monthly Pass are available in 2 type (Adult and Student) For Student, You can purchase by using certification that issue by school. Student type will cost less than Adult type and can purchase only student in high school, university, vocational school.


How to purchase Monthly Pass
(We took JR Train for example)


  1. Select language to english for who can’t read japanese

  3. Choose “Pass” for purchase

  5. Choose “New Pass”

  7. Choose “Commuter’s Pass” for monthly pass

  9. Choose “Starting Station”

  11. Choose “Arrival Station”

  13. System will analyze and showing available route with fare. This pass not only use with selected station, But can also use to all station in your route with unlimited.

  15. When selected route, System will show as below.
    “Purchase new Suica” For person who not have Suica IC Card (cost 500 yen).
    “Magnetic Pass” (Magnatic type ticket).
    “Continue using present Suica” (For who already have Suica).

  17. System will show how many months you would like to purchase (1 month, 3 months, 6 months)

  19. Select ticket start date. You can starting after purchase or 7 days after purchase.

  21. Insert ticket fare that show on screen.

  23. System will print out ticket with information of route and ticket expire date. If you want to change magnetic ticket to Suica, Please contact to station staff.

    Now you can use Monthly Pass that have unlimited use on your selected route. Next time you need only re-charge your monthly fare without select route again. It’s very convenience and save your money.
    For information of route and fare calculating, Please check at