Lost and Found in Japan

Is not a good thing when losing something and you will think that it will not be returned to you. Please don’t feel hopeless because in japan, People have a habit of habit of bringing lost item to police station. In 2014, around 25 million of loss item returned to the police station. We will introduce how to get lost thing back in japan.

Checking area that get lost

First, You should think and go to the place where you think you lost it. If you lost at department store, go to information or lost & found center. If you lost at train or train station, Contact to officer. Lost item stored at station for 3 – 4 days before sending to lost & found center (お忘れ物承り場所) in major train station. Then, if you not get back in certain time, They will sending to the police.

Contact to police station

If you solve that you lost in public area or didn’t get back at the place you lost it. it will be sent to police station. Try to contact at nearly police station and officer will help you to find by investigate about lost item.

You may need to show some confirmation document for confirm you belonging.