A Guide for Interesting Japanese Stationery

Japanese stationery is famous in high quality and new modern technology. One of the interesting activities that many foreign students in Japan do not miss are going to the stationery store and buy some new items, such as, pen, pencil, eraser and highlighter pen. For students who do not know where to start, this article will guide you some interesting stationeries.


STYLE-FIT: The filling pen (uni MITSUBISHI PENCIL)

The filling pen is one of the popular item for girls in Japan. There are many beautiful color and style. You can choose both cover and filling by yourself.

DelGuard: The mechanical pencil with unbreakable filling (ZEBRA)

This mechanical pencil comes with choke system for reducing the impact. There are two springs to support the 5 kilograms of pressure!

FRIXION light: The removable highlighter pen (PILOT)

This removable highlighter pen is a very popular item from PILOT. Only use the eraser at the bottom of the pen to your mistake, and then your book will become clean again.

Beetle Tip dual color: Two in one highlighter (KOKUYO)

This highlighter has two colors in one. It is very comfortable for your busy work because you can use it immediately when you need to change pen color for highlight the important detail.


Harinacs: The stapler with no staples (KOKUYO)

The new stapler from KOKUYO is no need to use staples. Papers will stick together by pressure and easily separate by making papers smooth.

Cut Pro (カットプロ): Cutter and scissors in one

This Cut Pro include cutter and scissors function in one items. It is easy to use and convenient to keep.

STICKYLE SCISSORS: A pocket scissors (sun-star)

This scissors can keep like a pen. It is suit to keep as a multi-purpose item in pocket or pencil case.

HARAC Line: Circular cutter

This is a special cutter with 180 degrees away. It can cut in any shapes, such as square, triangle and circle. You can use it easy like when you control mouse.

TSUNAGO: A pencil sharpener that make pencil longer

Prolong product life and reduce waste is a real concept of this product. This sharpener has three different holes. One is a regular sharpener. But the other two create a hole and a protrusion that creates a perfect interlocking joint. The two short pencils completely connect and you have a brand new pencil.


Mono 2 way: Two ways correction tape (Tombow)

This correction tape has two ways and two sizes. Both the correction tape and the eraser are refillable. It is easy to use.

KURUTIA: Correction tape with any directions

This correction tape can go around for 180 degrees away, so it can easy erase in any mistakes. It has pocket size and the tape is refillable.


Soft Ring Notebook: The softest ring notebook ever! (KOKUYO)

This is very soft ring notebook. There is no any strong ring to interrupt while you writing. It is easy to write and to read.

PENtONE (ペントネ): The Post-it Pen

This post-it designed in pen shape. It has pocket size like a pen and easy to keep and take. One has three colors. You can pull out in your need size.


All of this is just a part of stationery in Japan. There are many products in stationery store waiting for you to shopping, such as, LoFt, Tokyu Hands, Ito-ya, MUJI, Sekaido and Shimojima. You can look for the nearest shop of your location any time.