Japan Scholarship

Study in Japan has more open opportunity for foreign students. Following the “300,000 Foreign Students Plan by 2020” that the Government of Japan announced in 2008, Japan has increased various international program and “Scholarship” for foreign students up to now.

Types of Scholarship in Japan

Japan Scholarship has supported by government, prefectural government and many of private organization. It can be seperated by:

  1. By form of scholarship;  FULL scholarship (including institution fees, living allowance and travel expenses) and PARTIAL scholarship (ONLY including institution fees, living allowance or travel expenses)
  2. By terms and conditions of repayment scholarship; PAID BACK scholarship (plus interest / no interest) and FREE scholarship with no binding  conditions
  3. By terms and conditions when applying; Scholarship which apply and annouce before going to Japan and Scholarship which apply after enrolling university in Japan


Introducing to Scolarship in Japan

Scholarship for foreign students in Japan which supported by many organization are as follows:

  1. Monbukagakusho : MEXT
    MEXT is a full scholarship provided by the Government of Japan. Applicant who has offered this scholarship will be supported travel expense, living allowance and institution fees.
  2. JASSO Scholarship
    JASSO Scholarship is a scholarship provided by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). This is partial scholarship supported living allowance for forign students who study in Japan. The applicant can apply through educational institution only.
  3. Private Organization Scholarship
    Many Private Organization in Japan provided a scholarship for foreign students every year. Each scholarship has different terms and conditions following organization goal
  4. Prefectural Government Scholarship
    Prefectural Government Scholarship is the scholaship that provided by government sector of prefectures in Japan. Each scholarships have different term and condition. For example, place of birth or university or working condition after graduate.