Japan Lotto

Most people know that there are lotto in many countries around the world. Japan is also one of the countries that have “lotto” and it became popular. In this article, we will introduce you to know more about Japan Lotto.

Types of Japan Lotto

There are many types of Japan Lotto or Takarakuji (宝くじ), such as weekly, monthly, yearly or special season. The examples of Japan Lotto are as follows:


A weekly lotto which popular among Japanese people. The prize is announced every Thursday with the biggest prize up to 200 million JPY! This weekly Japan Lotto is also interested by foreigners and those prize hunters who buy lotto ticket at authorized agencies.

Jumbo Nenmatsu

The biggest yearly lotto in Japan which has announced prize only once a year on the New Year’s Eve. The highest prize is up to 500 million JPY (2017)! There are also Prize Pool with the total value around 50 billion JPY.

In addition, there are other lotteries in Japan. For example: Bingo 5, Loto 7, Number3, Number4, Dream Jumbo, etc.

Places to buy Japan Lotto

If you find a small shop with a sign written 宝くじ (Takarakuji), you will know that this is a place for buying Japan Lotto. Most shops are located nearby train stations. The starting price is around 100-300 JPY per ticket.

Japan Lotto Results

You can check lotto results at the website In addition to lottery numbers, you can find some information about other types of Japan Lotto.

Gambling with Japan Lotto is one of experiences that you should try once. Who knows, if you are in the lucky times, you might be the 1% who wins the biggest prize!