About Internships in Companies


What is an Internship?

“Internship” is when a student goes to a company to experience their work. Basically is when you get into a Japanese company to see what kind of work they do there. You will not only experience the working costumes in Japan, but will learn how to greet and some business manners among many skills.

For exchange students who wish to work in Japan, the internships in senior year are the most important because most of them will link you to a job at that company later. The internships are usually hold in summer vacations/spring vacations during 5 days to 2 weeks. The applications can be done at the Foreigners Employment Centers. Careful not to contact the companies directly. For more information, look in the website of the Foreigners Employment Centers at the “For Exchange Students” section. Look out for the information that are being renewed regularly. Also, it will be good if you ask at your university’s office as well.

Internships Types:

・Visitation type. It takes about 1 day to 1 week (short period). You will visit the workplace and hear the explanation about the work field. Depending on the company, they will let you experience the job. It is kind like a company explanation, visitation.
・Lesson type. 1 day to a few days. (short period)
They will explain you about the workplace, company and the work field in a lesson. You will be able to understand the company in short time and you can visit more companies.
・Problem solving type. 1 to 2 weeks.
You will work in a group with a few students and work to solve a problem that the company gave you. You will be discussing in group as well.
・Experiment type. 1 month to 1 year (long period)
You will actually work and they will give you the same type of work as the employees. They will request you the same results as the employees and actually work, so you will increase your skills incredibly fast.

How to choose a company


First, take a self-analysis test and get to know yourself.

What is an self-analysis test?

It is a test you take to know about your strenghts, weaknesses, capability, interests, your future dreams/hopes, your vision in life.

Take a look back in the past, focus on yourself in the present, and imagine your future. It will help to find a “you” you never knew.

Doing a self-analysis will help you to choose a job that is a fit for you, and also help you to promote you better in the CV or the interviews.

It will be good if you keep the following things in your mind when doing internship.


・What kind of job you can do in Japan?
・Whant kind of job do you have interest in? What kind of field do you have interest in?
・It is an internship that will help you improve your skills?
・Why are you doing an internship? Have a clear motive.
・The duration and the type of the internship are right for you?

Also, when you start a internship, you will be better prepared if you have an objective or a goal.

How to contact companies


The applications can be done at the Foreigners Employment Centers. Careful not to contact the companies directly. For more information, look in the website of the Foreigners Employment Centers at the “For Exchange Students” section. Look out for the informations that are being renewed regularly. Also, it will be good if you ask at your university’s office as well.

Where to collect internships information (for exchange students)?

◆Your university’s employment support center
◆Foreigners Employment Center (there’s 4 in Japan)
◆An exchange student that is working in a Japanese company (your university graduate student)
◆Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
◆Job hunting round-table for exchange students
◆Companies explanation conventions
◆Facebook, Twitter, other social media.


Employment Service for Foreigners

The Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka Foreigners Employments Centers and the Fukuoka Students Employment Centers (Fukuoka New Graduates Support Hello Word) are sharing information about employment in Japan and also doing guidance for 1st year students as well as offering internships programs and training students for interviews.

For guidance, internships, interview training, contact the website below.


“Foreign Exchange Students Employment Support”


How to use my strength as a exchange student?


The positives things about being a exchange students is that you can speak Japanese in addition of your mother tongue, and you can understand foreign customs that are difficult for the Japanese to understand. It is important that you understand those kinds of strength and search for a job based on it.

Also, there is many companies that wants to hire an exchange student. Especially those which has business overseas and companies that wants to go launch itself in a foreign country someday. With the globalization in the Japanese countries, they seek to hire more and more foreign people each year.

Truth is, after graduating the university, there are not many foreigners working in Japanese companies and it is not easy to. The reason being that the needs of the companies and the needs of the employees are not the same.

For that reason, you need to go in many internships possible to understand the needs and characteristics of the Japanese companies. Also, what the companies really needs are: “Good Japanese” and “Ability to Communicate”. Learn languages while in university to use it in the company in the future. It is important to promote that you can speak Japanese at the interviews.