International Students Spring Event 2017 was held in Okinawa!

On Sunday, May 21st, “University International Student Presentation Event” was held at the conference room of P’s SQUARE complex in Urasoe city, Okinawa. There are many university international students, participating companies, and university officials attendence.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone concerned, especially, Okinawa prefectural government officials.

The Purpose of “University International Student Presentation Event”

International students coming to Japan has got an excellent global talent. If those talent students can get a job in a local company, it will become a human resource contributing to the growth and revitalization of the country along with the regional companies.

Therefore, “University International Student Presentation Event” was held to provide opportunities for international students who want to work in Japanese companies aiming for globalization.

【Part 1】 International Student Presentation

The first part is a presentation by 8 university international students from 7 countries and a speech by a representative of an international student OB who is currently working in a company in Okinawa.

・Mak Virgiel · Mak Virgiel Daleon Paez (Paez Mackbergil Daleon) 21 years old
Hometown: Philippines (Meiou University)

· Chamu Min Shon (18 years old)
Hometown: Malaysia (Meiou University)

· Kim Jihye (25 years old)
Hometown: Korea (Meiou University)

· Lin Kwai (Rinki) 24 years & Yellow Crystal (Koushousho) 22 years old
Hometown: China (University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa International University)

· Jesse Spencer (Jesse Spencer) 28 years old
Hometown: USA (University of the Ryukyus)

· Yang Zhen Rui (Yang Chen Lu) 24 years old
Hometown: Taiwan (Meiou University)

· Kinjo Bianca Hikari (Kinjo Bianca Hikari) 19 years old
Birthplace: Brazil (Meiou University)

· Sairei 23 years old
Hometown: China (Meiou University)

【Guest Speaker】
· Huang Wei Xiang (Koishou) 27 years old
Hometown: Taiwan (graduated from the University of the Ryukyus)

【Part 2】 Opinion Exchange Meeting · Business Card Exchange Meeting

In Part 2, we got an exchange meeting and a business card exchange meeting between the university international students who visited us and the persons in charge of 18 participating companies.

Lastly, there is a certificate giving ceremony for participating students.

Thank you very much for every participating company and international students! Next time we are planning to hold a joint corporate briefing session for university international students in October.

International Student Event 2017 Spring Questionnaire Survey Results & Report

International student event 2017 Spring Photo Gallery