Preparing for Winter in Japan

Winter in Japan is quite cold and also has a heavy snow in some areas, especially in the north of the country. For many international students coming from tropical countries may not be familiar with the cold weather. So we would like to recommend some tips about preparing for winter in Japan.

Winter in Japan is starting around late November to late February. The temperature is different by each region from north to south. Hokkaido is the most cold area at -7 °C and Okinawa is the most warm at 13 °C.

Winter Preparation


Before going to japan, you should prepare some coats or jackets for winter. If the prefecture you study is in the north, such as Hokkaido, you should prepare thick and warm sweaters such as sweatshirts, ducklings, coats, hats and gloves. However, for those who plan to live in Japan for long period, you can also buy some winter things in Japan for your convenience.

Kairo (Heat Pack)

In Japan, there are a pocket heat pack called “Kairo” available for purchase in all areas, such as convenience store, drug store, supermarket and department store. You can use by put into the pocket or shoes and it can generate heat.

Hot Drinks

Hot drinks are another good way to relieve cold weather. You can easily get one at the convenience store or the automatic wending machine.

Find the apartment with heater

Before you sign contract and move in apartment or rental house, please check for availability of heater in your apartment because it is very important to help you warm in winter.

Diseases in Winter


Cold is infectious disease on the respiratory tract that cause to have sniffles and runny nose with sore throat and fever. For prevention, you have to get enough sleep and eat healthy food.


Infectious disease caused by an virus that cause to have high fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle pains, headache and cough. You can easily prevent by take care of your health, hand-washing and wearing hygiene mask.