Parking Lot

Japan is one of the countries with the best transport system in the world. Not only public transportation that covered in all routes, but also traffic systems and “parking systems” which is in orderly and enough for the needs of people in the country.

However, Japan is the island country with limited spaces. The technology is brought to develop the parking lot for the increasing demand.

Types of Parking Lot

There are two types of parking lot in Japan; free parking and paid parking.

Free Parking

Most of these parking lots are seen in shops, restaurants, hotels, some large department stores, country side and small town in Japan.

Paid Parking

Paid parking is very common parking lot in Japan. It is can be seen around train station, department stores, apartments, or other tourist spots.

Most paid parking in Japan is self-service. The two main types of paid parking in Japan are as follows:

Coin Parking

There are indoor and outdoor types for coin parking. Before entering these parking lots, you have to get ticket from the automatic machine at the entrance and return with parking fee when you want to exit.

Example of Coin Parking

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Automated Parking / Parking Lift / Parking Tower

The automated parking or “parking tower” is one of the world famous parking management systems. It looks like the high rise condo that work with sensor and identity card to find available parking space and remember the car owner.

First, you have to get or tap the ticket at the automatic machine, wait for the door opening, and park your car at the designated area. After that, you can leave the building. This automated parking is very popular among Japanese people because it is comfortable and has a high security system.

Example of Automated Parking

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Parking Fee

For paid parking, the parking fee depends on prefectures and cities. Most of the starting price will be at 100 JPY per 15-30 minutes or 1 hour on wards. The parking lots, located near department stores or offices, are usually a daily parking with the price starting from 700-2,000 JPY per day.

The parking fee for automated parking is higher than coin parking, especially in Tokyo. The starting price is around 600 JPY per hour or 2,000-2,500 JPY per day.