How to make friends in Japan

Are you wondering how to make friends in Japan? The followings are how to make friends that you can enjoy your campus life.

Participate in Exchange Activities

Internal Exchange Activities

There are many exchange activities for students who wish to participate such as circles or clubs in the most schools.

You can obtain information on those activities from posters on bulletin boards and fliers, or contact the Student Support Section in your school.

Circle/Clubs are communities to which people gather to share the enjoyment of same hobbies such as sports and music. So even if you face the language barrier, you can build “friendships” with others through those activities.

<How to Participate in a Circles or Clubs>

Some circles or clubs require registration to join them and others do not. With respect to participation and registration, you can check the guideline in the poster or the contact person of the intended circles or clubs.

<Frequency of Participation in Activities>

There would be no point to be a member of a circle or club if you cannot join its activities for the reason that your schedule does not permit.

In order to avoid such situation, you are recommended to check the detailed information of the circle or club such as date, frequency and time for its activities.

By doing so, you can fully participate in the circle or club you are interested and enjoy the activities as much as you can.

<Advantages of Exchange Activities>

By joining exchange activities, you will have a lot of opportunities to meet other students not only your classmates. You will know other students who study in other departments, fields and grades which you can build relashionships and become good friends in the future.

External Exchange Activities

Students who wish to join exchange activities outside the campus should make inquiries to the student support section of your school or the information counter of your city / town / village office.

<How to take part in external exchange activities>

External exchange activities may be supported by not only students but also ordinary people, so you will be required to register your membership. Before take part in any activities, read thoroughly the detailed guideline and if you have any ambiguity, you should make it clear.

<Advantages of External Exchange Activities>

There are many advantages of external exchange activities. Because those activities are taken outside your school, you can meet many people from different backgrounds including students from other colleges/universities, working persons, different aged people and local residents.

How to become friend with Japanese?


Now that you have come to study and will spend your valuable, youthful days, it would be natural that you wish not only to achieve your academic objective but also to build close friendships with as many Japanese people as possible. You are aware that it will be important to continue the friendships with Japanese people after you return to your home country.

The easiest way to make Japanese friends is just talking to them but many of the Japanese do not like to be abruptly spoken by strangers, so it may be possible to get acquainted with them through SNS.

<Make connections with Japanese friends by SNS>

Badoo a site with function to facilitate people to connect with neighbors and people who have similar interest.
Tinder application with a dating function that displays a portrait of a man or woman and if you like him/her, you can send messages.
Paktor application with a function similar to Tinder. Popular especially in the Asian region.
YYc a matching site that facilitates you to connect to others anonymously.

You can find more other sites and try some of them in which you have interest.

Networks among international students


There are many tools to construct a network among international students.

<Inside School>

In order to build close relationship with other international students in your campus, it would be nice to first talk to them. You can also join exchange activities, and more than that it would be better if you live in a dormitory provided by your school. Because students that living in the same building everyday will build relationships spontaneously with others.

<Outside School>

As a function for allowing international students to know each other outside the campus, there is a chat site called “Japanese Transcontinental Network (JTN)” where you can chat in English. You are recommend to construct a network of your friends by using sites like this.

JTN (Japanese Transcontinental Network)