Nice to meet you

Chapter 2: Nice to meet you

For whom who met at first time, after basic greetings conversation, the next step is getting know more about each other.

In Japanese, there is a phrase called…

Nice to meet you

It is commonly use in the conversation when you know each other for the first time. After saying this phrase, you can now introduce yourself.

If you have to introduce yourself in front of the class or in the meeting room of your new company, you can follow the short conversation below.

Nice to meet you

(watashi no namaewa (name) desu)
My name is ___.

Or you can say…

(watashi wa (name) desu)
I am ___.

( (country) karakimashita )
I am from ___.

どうぞ よろしく おねがいします。
(douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu)
Please kindly look out for me.

What’s your name?

If you are in the first conversation with someone, after greetings, maybe you can start with ‘what’s your name?’ The following phrases are formal and informal form to say in Japanese.

Normal Form おなまえは なんですか。
(o namae wa nan desuka)
What is your name?
Normal Form (For Phone Conversation) しつれいですが, どちらさま でしょうか。
(shitsureidesuka, dochira sama deshouka)
Excuse me, may I ask who’s calling?
Formal Form (Use with senior, boss or respected people) おなまえ おしえて いただけますか。
(onamae oshiete itadakemasuka)
Could I have your name?

You can answer in both normal and formal forms either.

Normal Form ___です。
( (Name) desu)
I am ___.
Formal Form ___ともうします。
( (name) to moushimasu)
My name is ___.

Where are you from?

The following phrases can use both country and city answer.

ご出身は どちらですか。
(goshussin wa dochira desu ka)
Where are you from? / Where is your hometown?

Or you can say…

(dochira kara kimashita ka)
Where are you from?

If you want to answer ‘I am ___.’ You can say…

(watashiwa (country) jin desu)
I am ___ desu.

If you want to answer about your hometown, you can say…

(watashiwa (country/city) shussin desu)
My hometown is in ___.

If the question is ‘Where are you from?’ and you want to answer ‘I am from ___.’, you can also say…

( (country/city) kara kimashita)
I am from ___.

What is your job?

After start conversation about name and hometown, you may want to know what your partner is doing, you can follow these phrases.

Formal Form
(Use with senior, boss or respected people)
どちらに おつとめですか。
(dochira ni otsutome desu ka)
Where do you work?
Normal Form おしごとは なんですか。
(o shigoto wa nan desu ka)
What is your job?

You can also name the person you want to ask.

___さんの しごとは なんですか。
( (name) san no shigoto wa nan desu ka)
What is your job, ___?

For all job questions, you can answer only job + です (desu). For example;

(gakuse desu)
I am a student.

(kaishain desu)
I am an officer.

Example Conversation

はじめまして! わたしは ローラです。どうぞ よろしく おねがいします。
(hajimemashite. watashi wa Laura desu. douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu)
Nice to meet you! My name is Laura. Please kindly look out for me.

マティーニです。よろしく おねがいします。
(Martini desu. yoroshiku onegaishimasu)
I am Martini. Please kindly look out for me too.

ローラさん, どちらからきましたか。
(Laura san, dochirakara kimashitaka)
Where are you from, Laura?

(amerika kara kimashita. Martini san wa)
I am from America. How about you, Martini?

わたしは フランスじんです。
(watashiwa furansu jin desu)
I am French.