Learn Japanese: Chapter 3


If you want to talk with someone who has just been introduced to, you can choose a topic about interest for getting to know each other more. So let’s start with hobby.

“Hobby” called しゅみ (Shumi) in Japanese language. If you want to ask your conversation partner about his/her hobby, you can say…

___さんの しゅみは なんですか。
( (name) san no shumi wa nandesuka)
What is your hobby?

You can say…

わたしの しゅみは ___ことです。
(watashi no shumi wa (hobby) kotodesu)
My hobby is___.

Or in a Japanese short form…

___です。( (hobby) desu) (your hobby)___.

Now, let’s introduce you about しゅみ (shumi) or hobby in Japanese language.


スポーツ (supotsu) = Sports

This is a transliterated word from sports in English. If your hobby is playing sports, you can say…

わたしの しゅみは スポーツを することです。
(watashi no shumi wa supotsu o surukotodesu)
My hobby is playing sports.

You can also specific a type of sports by changing a word スポーツ to your favorite one. For example:

わたしの しゅみは テニスを することです。
(watashi no shumi wa tenisu o surukotodesu)
 My hobby is playing tennis.
わたしの しゅみは サッカーを することです。
(watashi no shumi wa sakka o surukotodesu)
My hobby is playing football.

Sports Vocabulary

バスケットボール (basukettobōru)  Basketball
 やきゅう (yakyu)  Baseball
 バレーボール (bareboru)  Volleyball
 バドミントン (badominton)  Badminton
 すいえい (suiei)  Swimming
 ヨガ (yoga)  Yoga


Playing music is the same. In Japanese language, there are different verbs for different musical instruments.

  • String Instruments and Keyboard Instruments use with a verb はじく(hajiku)
  • Woodwind Instruments/Brass Instruments use with a verb ふく(fuku)
  • Percussion Instruments use with a verb たたく (tataku)
For Example:
わたしの しゅみは ギターを はじくことです。
(watashi no shumi wa gita o hajiku kotodesu)
My hobby is playing guitar.
わたしの しゅみはトランペットを ふくことです。
(watashi no shumi wa toranpetto o fuku kotodesu)
My hobby is wiping a trumpet.
わたしの しゅみは ドラムを たたくことです。
(watashi no shumi wa doramu o tataku kotodesu)
My hobby is playing drums.

Music Instruments Vocabulary

バイオリン (baiorin) Violin
ピアノ (piano) Piano
キーボード (kibodo) Keyboard

Other Hobbies

For other hobbies, you can take it easy by put these words in the phrase わたしの しゅみは ___ことです。(watashi no shumi wa (hobby) kotodesu)

For example:
わたしの しゅみは えいが を みることです。
(watashi no shumi wa eiga o miru kotodesu)
My hobby is watching movie.

Other Hobbies Vocabulary

えいが を みる (eiga o miru) Watching movie
本を 読む (hon o yomu) Reading books
おんがくを きく (ongaku o kiku) Listening to music
りょうり を する (ryōri o suru) Cooking
旅行を する (ryokō o suru) Traveling
歌 を 歌う (uta o utau) Singing
しゃしんを とる (sha shin o toru) Taking photo

During the talk, you can express your feeling or some good comments to make a conversation smoother. In Japanese language, you can say…

そうですか。(soudesuka) Is that so
わたしも。(watashi mo) me too

Example Conversation

ローラさんの しゅみは なんですか。 (Laura san no shumi wa nandesuka)
What is your hobby, Laura?

わたしの しゅみは バイオリンを はじくことです。マティーニさんは? (watashi no shumi wa baiorin o hajiku kotodesu. Martini san wa)
My hobby is playing violin. How’s about you, Matini?

旅行と しゃしんを とることです。 (ryoko to shashin o toru kotodesu)
I like traveling and taking photos.

そうですか。 (soudesuka)
Is that so.