5 things to know about Japanese toilet

Japan is the country of technology. For this reason, there are many new modern and comfortable facilities include toilet. While coming to Japan first time, most of foreigners are confuse with their “Intelligence Toilet” with Japanese or some are do not know to use Japanese toilet. From now on, this article will help you know all need information by “5 things to know about Japanese toilet” as this follows:

Necessary Function for “Intelligence Toilet”

The intelligence toilet in Japan is very common. You can see in everywhere you go. This intelligence toilet means the toilet that has many special functions. For example, seat temperature, automatic washing, female-only function and automatic fan.

Most of toilet like this is come with Japanese function and it will close to hand while sitting. Here are the necessary functions for “Intelligence Toilet” you need to know.


This button is use after you finish your excrete. There is a symbol like a big fountain with this Japanese word “おしり.” Sometimes there is also English word called shower.


This button is for female-only. It use when you finish your urinate. In some toilet, there is a pink color with woman symbol in this button, but some there is only Japanese word called “ビデ” (Bidet)


This stop button is common. There is a square symbol in the middle with Japanese word called “止.” It use when you finish everything in toilet.

Moreover, some flush in Japanese toilet has the word “大” and “小” within. It means if you are excreting and want much water level to wash, you have to push the flush up to “大” way. But if you only urinate, then push the flush down to “小” way.

Using Japanese style toilet have to facing with the flush

This kind of toilet can see in public toilet, some restaurant or traditional Japanese homestay. This Japanese style toilet has to squat facing with the flush. It is different from others, so you need to beware.

Closing toilet blow cover is ready to use

If you see any closing toilet blow cover in Japan, it means this toilet is clean and ready to use. Do not mind for using!

Toilet paper can be drop in toilet

This is very important. In Japan, when you finish using toilet paper, you can drop into toilet blow immediately. Do not worry about making toilet blocked because Japanese toilet paper is design for easily digested.

Automatic Sound is for hiding

Do you ever hear some automatic sound in Japanese toilet room? It sounds like someone flushing but you do not do anything. This sound is an automatic. It is created for hiding a sound while you using toilet. Most of this function is censor system. There are many type, some are stick with the wall and some stick with other toilet function.