Installing internet

1. Steps

Step 1: Ask for pamphlets with the information

You can ask for it by the company’s hotline, your phone, computers or even through magazines.
Depending where you live, there’s a possibility that you can’t use a certain service, so make sure to ask before hand if it is possible to utilize it.

Step 2: Fill in the application form

After choosing a provider, write the necessary information in the form, and don’t forget your seal (inkan) in the required places. Finishing it, you send it to the provider.
In some cases they need your ID, so check if it is necessary.

Step 3: Connecting the Internet line

It depends on which kind of service you want for them to connect the internet line. The fiber internet, in some cases, it is connected within the house (you will need to be present for that and it takes to 1 to 2 hours).

Step 4: The internet is here!

After the line is connected, all you have to do is to setup the network from your computer.
The provider offers a manual instruction for you to do it. They also provide a service (that you need to pay for) which they can help you with the setup. If you don’t understand the manual, we recommend that you use it.

2. Devices that you need for the internet line

Normally, the provider gives you the necessary devices, but in some cases you will need to buy a LAN cable to connect your computer with the device.
Also, if you want to use several computers at a time or enjoy wireless internet, you will need to buy a wireless LAN device or a “hub”.
These devices can be found at a electronics store for about 3,000 yen to 6,000 yen.

3. A Wi-Fi router you can use outside

To open a internet line for your house takes time and money, but several cellphone companies has a mobile internet service (Mobile Connection Data). If you have a Wi-Fi router, it doesn’t take much time and you can use it right away.

※The Mobile Conneciton Data means that it uses the cellphone company’s 3G/LTE lines to connect the internet to a device that receives Wi-Fi signal. Since the connection is wireless, you can use it also indoors and outdoors.