Making an “Inkan” and Registering

In Japan, the “inkan” is used instead of signing as a proof of your confirmation. Especially contracts and documents that have legal effects require a registered “inkan”, called “jitsuin”.

You can register your “inkan” in the city hall or administrative facilities in the area you live. By registering it, it will show that the “inkan” is yours.

After the registration, it is possible to get a registration certificate. In that case, you will need an inkan registration card.

First of all, let’s make an inkan.
Inkans have a determined size and material. Also the letters used in it are determined already, so be careful.

If it is katakana, 20 to 25 letters can be carved into it.
If it is alphabet, 30 to 35 letters can be carved into it.
So let’s make an inkan.

In some municipalities, they don’t accept inkan with alphabet in it. Check before hand with your city hall.

You can order your inkan at a inkan shop or order it in the internet.

The “jitsuin” that was registered is important, but also the “ginko in” that is used in the banks are also equally important. It is different from person to person so don’t lend it to other people. Guard it safely.