How to Use an Air Conditioner in Japan

Informations with useful functions to help you surviving from Japanese air conditioner easily.

In Japan, There is cooling and heating modes in “air conditioner” or “air con” (エアコン). Because of its complete function, most of Japanese people usually have this air conditioner in their house, apartment and dormitory more than the single mode type.

But for foreigners, it is not easy to manage with the “air conditioner” in Japan. You not only have to try to understand the high technology functions, but also Japanese language in the buttons. Some who do not know about Japanese take for an hour to press each button to learn from how it works. So, to get over it, in this article, we will be your guide and show you how to use an air conditioner in Japan.

Basic Functions

Let’s start with the basic functions. The basic functions on most air conditioners are as follows:

  • 停止 / 人/切 = On/Off
  • 運転切換 = Mode
  • 冷房 = Air Conditioning
  • 除湿 / ドライ = Dehumidify
  • 暖房 = Heating
  • 温度 = Temperature Setting
  • 風量 / 風速 = Wide Strength
  • 風向 = Fan Direction
  • ハイパワー / パワフル = High Power / Powerful
  • スイング = Swing
  • 内部クリーン = Cleaning

How to Use an Air Conditioner in Japan

These are an example and basic instruction for using air conditioner remote control in the rental apartment.

  1. Most On-Off Buttons have big size and usually colorful.
  2. You can put Mode button for choosing air conditioner mode. The small triangle on the left side of the screen will move to the mode you want. For example, air conditioning mode (冷房) in summer, heating mode (暖房) in winter and dehumidify mode (除湿) in rainy day.
  3. Adjust the temperature by putting Temperature Setting button (温度) up and down. This button is usually triangle. Average temperature for Japanese people setting is around 22-27 degrees.
  4. Powerful button (パワフル) use when you want to set the air conditioner in turbo mode.
  5. Wide Strength button (風速) usually has three levels. You can choose any level to suit your condition.
  6. You have to put Fan Direction button twice. First, you put to let the fan direction move. Second, you put to choose the direction that you want.
  7. The Cleaning button (内部クリーン) is use for automatically clean up the air conditioner.
  8. Some air conditioner has Timer Setting function. But most of the air conditioner in dormitory or rental apartment, the owner will set fixed time for save energy incase renter forget to turn off the air conditioner. For example in this picture, this air conditioner is set for automatic turn off within three hours.

Other Functions

Other air conditioner settings functions are also include these following:

  • 自動 = Automatic
  • 省パワー = Energy Saving
  • 静音 = Quiet Mode
  • タイマー = Timer
  • ランドリー = Laundry Mode

However, air conditioners in Japan are different by brands and product versions. The best and easy trick to use is to remember or write down the Japanese function word in your notebook, and then you will get over any air conditioners in Japan absolutely!