How to rental house in japan

Rent home in japan is one of the good solution for who don’t like small apartment. We would like to introduce how to rent home in japan.

Step 1 – Finding your home

First, You need to finding your home. We recommend to use house agent service (ex. that contain home rent service. You can filter specification such a price, location, Home type.

If you found your interesting one,You can sending your basic information to agent service and they will making contact for view the property and giving more information before making contract.

Step 2 – Making Contract

When you decided, Agent will prepare contract for you and explain about term and condition that contain a lot of information you should know. We recommend you should bring someone who influence in japanese language in case of you are not good.

You should pay entrance fee when sign contract. Entrance fee are as follow.

Entrance Fee = Monthly fee + Deposit + Key fee + Agent fee

Agent fee and Depost are equal to monthly fee. May be 1 or 2 months depend on house owner. Some people may confuse about “Key fee”. Key fee is a present for house owner to making new door key.


Mister.A rent home near ikebukuro for 100,000 yen per month. Agent fee 1 month, Deposit Fee 2 months, Key’s fee 2 months. Entry fee is

100,000 + 100,000 + 200,000 + 200,000 = 600,000 yen

You can negotiate this entry fee with the agent. We suggest to ask your friend or someone who influent in japanese language or have a negotiate to help. They may be for you. But, remember that you can’t negotiate direct to the house owner.

The next is signing contract. You should prepare the document that their require include guarantor. You should find japan guarantor because in some case, House owner don’t accept guarantor from school.

Please contact to you district office for move out and change your health insurance to your new district with in 2 weeks before move to your new place.

Step 3 – Ready to move in

When you finished making contract. Now, You are ready to move in. In japan, There are a lot of home moving service that have a lot of service package but cost is expensive. We recommend to rent Pickup Truck that cost less and ask your friend to help.