How to Get a Job in Japan

When graduated from the university in Japan, many international students desire to continue working in japan. However, knowing some tips is better than nothing, so, here is the information for guiding you about how to get a job in Japan.

How to Find Jobs

Recruitment Websites

There are many recruitment websites that can help you find the best matching job. You can easily search with common keyword like 仕事探し.

For Example :

This recruitment website have the job position filter and “Scout System” that allow company to search and seek for applicant.

Recruitment Events (就職活動)

In Japan, there is a recruitment event called “Shuushokukatsudou” which is a chance for recently graduated student who looking for a job. The attened students can meet many companies, listen to their introductions, and leave personal information to the company (cannot apply directly at event)

Friends or Aqquintances

Asking friends or aqquintances is one of the best tips for finding a job in Japan. Try to ask someone that related to your study field. They may suggest a available position for you. Remember that keeping connection is the important thing for the future.


Japanese Resume

Resume is the most important when applying for a job. However, Japanese Resume is different from other countries because it requires all handwriting in the same format which you can find or download from each company website.

Interview Preparation

Interview is the most impartant part for apply a job because it will make the company see the skills, knowledge and attitude of the candidates. You may encounter with difficult psychological question. For preparing yourself ready to interview, you can learning about interview question at

In addition, most universities in Japan also have a “Job Applying Guide” subjects for student to apply while studying. So the more information you get from this subjects the more benefit for you to get a job in Japan.