In order to have gas and electricity at home


You will need to use those right away in the day you move. So, once you choose where to live, let’s begin contacting the companies as soon as possible. Basically the management company of your residence will provide the documents for it. You will need to call the designated company from those documents, and sign a contract with them.

When contacting with the gas company by yourself

The gas company will need to come to your house to get it to work.

In most cases, the electricity and water are available for your use as soon as you move in, however you will need the gas company’s technician to open the gas’ valve.

How to sign a contract with the gas company

  1. You need the tell the company: ‘’The day you will be moving in’’, ‘’The address where you will be moving into’’, and ask for the ‘’Payment methods’’.
    The number of the gas company will be in the documents that the residence management company gave to you. When it’s not on those documents, contact the management company.
  2. You need to tell when you want them to open the gas’ valves.
  3. They will tell you when the technician is coming to open the valves, and they will do an inspection as well.
    ※Since a technician is coming it’s better to call one month before you move, so they can go on the day you wish.

How to sign a contract with the electricity company

  1. You need the tell the company: ‘’The day you will be moving in’’, ‘’The address where you will be moving into’’, and ask for the ‘’Payment methods’’.
    The number of the electricity company will be in the documents that the residence management company gave to you. When it’s not on those documents, contact the management company.
  2. Tell them the day you want the electricity to be working.
  3. You will be able to use it when you pull the chord on the circuit breaker.
    ※Contact the company at least one week before you move in.

The bills for the gas and electricity will come at the end of the month by mail. Make sure to pay them at the designated places. Almost all of the companies accepts automatic withdrawals directly from your bank account. With the automatic withdrawals directly from your bank account, you will not need to be going to the bank or the convenience stores to pay for it. It’s very convenient. Beside the methods dictated above, they accept credit cards payments. It will be good if you confirm with the companies about the payment methods.

How to use the gas stove?

[A] For cooking, we usually use this side.

[B] The firepower is a little weaker so it’s used for keeping the food warm, it usually has different function from the others.

[C] It is used for grilling. The heat comes from the upper and the lower part so it’s better used when cooking fish and making toasts.

What is “Toshi gas”? How is it different from LP gas?

“Toshi gas” is distributed from pipes buried in the ground. Depending on the area the gas is not distributed by pipes. They measure how much you consume with the gas meter and you pay per usage. LP gas is distributed in tanks by the companies. They deliver it to your house and connect it to the pipes. They will change the tanks whenever it gets empty.

The differences between “Toshi gas” and “LP gas” (Japanese)

City gas and the environment(English)

The fares for “Toshi gas”

Since it is treated as “public utilities charge”, the companies cannot charge it as they wish, so it’s safe for that matter. And the fares are more easy to calculate than the “LP gas” fares. Normally the “Toshi gas” fees are 1/2 cheaper than the “LP gas”.

Average cost for “Toshi Gas” (per month) Average cost for LP Gas (per month)
Almost 7,700 yen Almost 11,500 yen

Recommended gases companies per province/per area:

There are 4 companies that are big and known. ‘’Tokyo Gas’’, ‘’Toho Gas’’, ‘’Osaka Gas’’, and ‘’Saibu Gas’’. It’s safe to sign a contract with these companies, but we are going to introduce others recommended gases companies per province. The gases companies’ distribution area varies from province to province, so check the area you live in order to sign with those companies.

Area/Provinces Recommended Gas Companies
Hokkaido Hokkaido Hokkaido Gas
Touhoku Aomori Aomori Gas
Iwate Morioka Gas
Miyagi Gas Bureau, City of Sendai
Akita Toubu Gas
Yamagata Yamagata Gas
Fukushima Fukushima Gas
Kanto Ibaraki Tokyo Gas
Tochigi Tochiki Gas
Gunma Tokyo Gas
Saitama Tokyo Gas
Chiba Tokyo Gas
Tokyo Tokyo Gas
Kanagawa Tokyo Gas
Chubu Niigata Hokuriku Gas
Toyama Nihonkai Gas
Ishikawa Kanazawa Water & Energy Center
Fukui Companies Bureau, City of Fukui
Yamanashi Tokyo Gas Yamanashi
Nagano Nagano Toshi Gas
Gifu Toho Gas
Shizuoka Shizuoka Gas
Aichi Toho Gas
Kinki Mie Toho Gas
Shiga Osaka Gas
Kyoto Osaka Gas
Osaka Osaka Gas
Hyogo Osaka Gas
Nara Daiwa Gas
Wakayama Osaka Gas
Chugoku Tottori Tottori Gas
Shimane Gas Bureau of Matsue City
Okayama Okayama Gas
Hiroshima Hiroshima Gas
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi Godo Gas
Shikoku Tokushima Shikoku Gas
Kagawa Shikoku Gas
Ehime Shikoku Gas
Kouchi Shikoku Gas
Kyushu Fukuoka Seibu Gas
Saga Saga Gas
Nagasaki Seibu Gas
Kumamoto Seibu Gas
Oita Oita Gas
Miyazaki Miyazaki Gas
Kagoshima Nihon Gas
Okinawa Okinawa Okinawa Gas
  1. Hokkaido Gas: It is affiliated with Tokyo Gas and it is a reliable company.
  2. Shizuoka Gas: It is the fourth biggest distributor of gas in the country.
  3. Keiyo Gas: It is the biggest company after Tokyo Gas, and it is situated on East of Japan.
  4. Chubu Gas: It is from a company called ‘’Sala’’ and it is locally famous in the middle area of Japan. It is also a real estate company.
  5. Hiroshima Gas: It is a 100 years old company operating in Hiroshima.

How to clean the gas stove

Link to the video:

What to bear in mind while using a gas cooker:

Since it uses fire, beware of your surroundings, and beware of the fire. Be careful not to forget to put the fire away after using. Beware of loosening on the gas main plug. If the gas is leaking, be careful with inflammable things and ventilate the room. ‘’Toshi Gas’’, different from LP Gas, is lighter than air, so you can exhaust it.

What to mind when using gas stoves, gas rice cookers/Japan Industrial Association of Gas and Kerosene Appliances

What is ‘’All electric houses’’?

Nowadays in Japan, many residences are equipped to heat water cook without using gas. Since you are not using gas, you don’t need to worry with fires or any accidents, and since the machines are flat. They are more easy to use. The demerit is that it uses electricity so the bills are going to be a little high, and for cooking pots, you will need to purchase things that can be used specifically in IH machines.