Services in Japanese Convenience Stores

Japanese convenience stores are popular among foreign people. The followings lists are services in Japanese convenience stores which you can using during your stay in Japan.

Japanese convenience stores provide a wider range of services necessary in our daily lives than those in other countries and thus enjoy a good reputation among many foreign people.

They are open for a long time and seven days a week. You can find several convenience stores in your town. They are very convenient when you want to buy something in urgent need.

Main products in Japanese convenience stores

  • Food products (rice balls, beverages, boxed meals, bread, packed vegetable salad, frozen food, cup noodles, seasonings)
  • Confectionery, desserts
  • Consumables for home appliances, including batteries and electric bulbs
  • Magazines
  • Stationery (pen, note, etc.)
  • Clothing (underwear, stockings)
  • Daily commodities (detergent, shampoo, shaver, cleaning tools)
  • Pet food


Services in Japanese Convenience Stores

Copier Services

Japanese convenience stores are equipped with a multi-function copier.

There may be a small difference in the functions of the copier between stores, but generally it has multiple function that includes photocopying, photo printing, printing data in USB memories onto ordinary copy paper, post card printing, net printing, content printing, scanning, fax transmission, etc.

Parcel Acceptance / Delivery Services

You can send and receive parcels by using services provided by convenience stores.


The size and weight of the parcels acceptable for the service are determined as up to 170 cm (the sum of 3 dimensions ) and 30 kg, respectively.


The size and weight of TA-Q-Bin are determined to be up to 160 cm (the sum of 3 dimensions ) and 25 kg, respectively.

ATM Services

You can access your bank account through ATMs in convenience stores if you have the bank account with a city bank, regional bank, second-tire regional bank, trust bank, shinkin bank, credit union, Japan post bank, or agricultural cooperative, but note that some financial institutions may not provide this service.

ATM in convenience stores open up to 24 hours a day and depending on the banks.

You can deposit your money or make a remittance with your cash card, depending on the banks.

Payment Services

You can make payments at convenience stores for various goods and services even if they are not goods or services provided by the stores, such as utilities, net shopping, event ticket, and air ticket.

Convenience stores provide many other services which may vary depending on stores. For net shopping, air ticket, etc., you can make the payment at the cashier in a convenience store by obtaining the receipt in advance through the terminal machine equipped there.

Issue of public documents at convenience store

Convenience stores provide the service to issue a residence certificate, seal certificate, etc. You can obtain such public documents by showing your Individual Number Card. (My Number Card)

Those public documents can be issued from early in the morning until late night (6:30 – 23:00) even on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays.

* Some convenience stores may not provide this service.

For more information: About Procedures To be Taken after Arrival in Japan

List of In-store service Convenience Stores

Services provided by each convenience store. (Some convenience stores may not provide these services)

Seven Eleven
Family Mart
Circle K / Sunkus
Three F

Rest Room Services

The number of convenience stores that have installed rest rooms for customers is increasing. Since they allow customers to use their rest room, naturally they bear the cost for the facility and workload for cleaning it. It is important to use the rest room of a convenience store in a good manner. In general, it is regarded as breach of manner in Japan to use the rest room of a convenience store without permission or buying any of its goods.

  • Ask the staff that “Can I use the toilet,” before using it.
  • Buy something in the convenience store if you use its rest room. (to increase its sales)
  • Keep the two points above in your mind, and try not to create any reputation of bad manners of foreigners.

What you will be asked at the cashier when you buy boxed meal?

When you pay at the cashier, you will be asked some routine questions by the staff. In many cases, the questions are as follows:

“Atatame-masuka? (Should we warm it for you?)
The staff is asking if you want him/her to warm the food you have just bought. If you say “Yes,” the staff will warm it with a microwave of the store. Microwaves used in convenience stores have a high power and the food will be warmed in a few minutes. If you want him/her to warm it, use a simple English word such as “Hot.” (In many cases, “microwave” cannot be understood)
“Ohashi-wa? (Do you need chopsticks?)
The staff is asking if you need “Waribashi (disposal chopsticks) that are used to eat the food. When you buy more than one food product, he/she may ask “Ikutsu ? (How many?). Use your fingers to indicate the number of the chopsticks you need. Chopsticks are counted in a unit “zen” like ichi-zen (one pair of chopsticks), ni-zen (two pairs of chopsticks). If you are not good at using chopsticks, ask them for a spoon or folk instead.