Capsule Hotel in Japan

When you want to find some place to stay for a night after travel or business trip, hotel in japan is little expensive even business hotel. That’s why Capsule Hotel are developed in Japan and you can stay for a night with low price. We are introducing about Capsule Hotel in Japan.

What is Capsule Hotel?

Capsule Hotel is a cheap hotel originated in japan that feature a lot of small room like stacked capsule for provide to many customer within limited space. You can find capsule hotel in crowed area like Tokyo, Osaka.

Main feature of capsule hotel is about price. It’s very cheap if you compare to other hotel within the same location. The most of capsule hotel are located in convenience area like nearly train station. Suitable for short business trip or short trip.

CR : Shinjuku Ekimae Capsule Hotel from

About Facilities in Capsule Hotel

Size of room is just for lie down and sleep. Not have much of facilities (most include a television) and have the curtain instead of door. But some hotel have a larger pod that give enough space for put 3ft single bed size with a working desk.

Not only a room, capsule hotel also feature lobby for leisure, eating, working and public bath also available.

In the past, capsule hotel service are available for men only because of policy about safety. But now, there are a lot of capsule hotel that have service for women by add security like Lady Zone. So, please contact to hotel for availability before if you need to stay in capsule hotel.

Price for staying at Capsule Hotel

Price of room usually around 2,000 – 4,000 yen per night and maybe exceed to 6,000 yen depend on number of facilities or larger size of room.

If you are looking for cheap hotel in Japan while traveling a short trip, we recommend you to try capsule hotel.