100 Yen Shop in Japan

Everyone know that cost of living in japan is expensive especially in Tokyo (Rank 4 in world most expensive living cost city in 2017). Every product are expensive even everyday life product and we will introducing 100 yen shop that you can find a lot of product that just cost 100 yen every items.

Japanese 100 yen shop is an everyday life product store that set the price of every product only 100 yen with good quality and have a lot of product that match to your lifestyle. You may think that cheap item is come with low durability. But it’s not. Product in 100 yen shop have a good quality. Not much like an expensive product but it’s good value for the price that everyone and buy it.

There are over 10,000 items of product with a lot of category such a stationery, kitchenware, garden-ware, tool, household goods, etc. If you need an everyday life product, we recommend that you should try to find at 100 yen shop.

Recommend 100 yen shop


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The most popular 100 yen shop with over 2,680 Stores in Japan and 70,000 of products.


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100 yen shop that usually popular for girls because lots of products design are beautiful and stylish.


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100 yen shop that have 900 stores in Japan. It’s not much as other 100 yen shops but the quality of product is slightly better than others.


100 yen shop in large prefecture such a Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Fukuoka have a special store that larger and have more product than normal store. Because 100 yen shop is very popular for tourist. We recommend to try 100 yen shop and you may find product that make your life easier in good price.