Homestay in Japan

One of the good places for staying in Japan, except school dormitory, apartment and rental home, is homestay. Homestay is a place which you have to live with Japanese family. It is suited for students who want to fast develop Japanese language skill by living with native and experiencing about Japanese life and culture.

Good point for staying in Homestay

  1. You can learn Japanese language quickly.
  2. You can learn Japanese cultures and traditions from native.
  3. You experience the Japanese way of life by yourself.

Bad point for staying in Homestay

  1. It is very expensive if compare with other facilities.
  2. Less privacy than living alone.
  3. Problem about adjustment with host family.

Types of Homestay

There are 3 types of homestay categorized by home type which are home, mansion and apartment.

Price of Homestay

130,000 yen per month (exclude lunch and travel allowances)

How to find homestay in Japan?

Even though it is hard to find homestay in Japan because of its less quantity, you can homestay lists in this website