How to write application form for Part-Time job apply.

When student need to working Part-Time Job.
The important thing you should know is about how to write application form to introduce yourself for part-time job applying.
We would like to introduce how to write application form for apply Part-Time job in Japan that may be different from other country.

1. Date of apply

Enter date of apply. In case of if you send application form and interview, please inter interview date. and if you sent application form before you have an interview, Please enter sending date.  (Enter year in japanese dating system.)

2. Name of Applicant

Enter your name with Katakana Letter in bigger space and enter with Furikana Hiragana) in smaller space

3. Sealing

This part, Applicate must stamp a seal for approvement. Foreigner can use signature instead.

4. Date of birth

Enter date of birth in japanese years (Showa, Heisei) and enter your age behind date of birth.

5. Telephone number and e-mail

Enter home or mobile telephone number that easily to contact every time include E-Mail Address.

6. Address

Enter your address (Start from prefecture when writing)

7. Photo

Level of photo must be shoot from chest to head, Photo must not taken over 3 months, Please don’t wear flashy accessory, Photo doesn’t taken from Purikura and don’t use old photo that used from old application form.

8. Education Background / Work Experience

Enter an education background and work experience. including years, month, and description. for education background, need to write year of enter and year go graduate.

leave one row of space to separate between Education Background and Work Experience. In case of you have a lot of background. please select only that related to the job you would like to work.

9. Special Training

Enter information about special training background. Try to choose that related to the job you desire including Special that related to work if you have

10. Hobbies, Special skill, Interest

This question is ask to get to know real of you. Describe about your Hobbies, Special skill, Interest.

11. Reason to join this company

In this part, you need to inform for persuade that why you would like to work in this position and company. If you have experience that related to the position you desire, please describe.

12. Position desired

Input your desire position and detail of working (date of start, working hour, time shift)

13. Contact person in case of emergency

Enter in formation of contact person in case of emergency

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