Finding Part-time job in Japan

Part-time job in Japan called ‘Arubaito’ (アルバイト ). This is very popular activities among Japanese and foreign students because it is a way to earn extra living allowance and get life experiences. There are many jobs available for foreign students up to Japanese ability. For example, restaurant staff, convenience store staff, language teacher, interpreter and translator.

Before getting start!

The following rules are important for foreign students to know before finding part-time job:

Work Permit

Japanese law allows foreign students to work when they obtain a permit to work from the immigration bureau. Therefore, the students who plan to do part-time job during school have to apply for permission to work upon arrival in Japan. This permission is called “Permit to Engage in Activity other than that Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted.”

A work permit for students is available in some airports. (Narita, Haneda, Kansai, Chubu, Hiroshima, Shin Chitose and Fukuoka) Students can get a form of application from the immigration staff on arrival in Japan. The staff will give you a permit stamped with Resident Card.

Students who cannot get work permit at the airport are required to submit documents to the immigration office in your city as soon as possible.

Working Conditions

Though foreign students are legally permitted to work in Japan, there are some working conditions that have to follow. Firstly, foreign students are allowed to work part-time for limited work hours, not over 28 hours per week and not over 8 hours per day in holiday. Secondly, foreign students are NOT allowed to work in entertainment service establishments that may affect public morals. For example, bar, pachinko, casino and any business which involve gambling.

How to find part-time job?

Finding part-time job in Japan need time and Japanese communication ability. The resources for students who are looking for a part-time job are as follows:

  1. Student affairs office at university and school
  2. Job advertising in newspaper and public notice board
  3. Employment website and application
  4. Employment magazine for free in convenience store, department store and train station
  5. Employment agency both government (Hello Work) and private organization
  6. Circles of friends, classmates and acquaintances

Several companies in Japan sometimes invite interested student by organized an event in school and university. Students can join, get company information and register for company contact.

Job Information

Things to know before apply

The detail of work is very important to consider before apply any jobs, such as qualification, job description and allowance. In Japan, the average of part-time job allowance is around 800-1,000 JPY per hour. Some also has transportation expense as benefits while some has free meal instead.

Information in job advertising is as follows:

  • 職種 = Job Category
  • お仕事内容 = Job Description
  • 給与 = Allowance
  • 勤務曜日 = Work Day
  • 勤務時間 = Work Time
  • 勤務期間 = Work Period
  • 勤務地 / アクセス = Work Place
  • 職場情報 = Work Place Information
  • 資格 = Qualification
  • 雇用形態 = Employment Status
  • 待遇 = Benefits
  • 応募 = Application
  • 企業情報 = Company Profile

EXAMPLE for job advertising in employment website

Job Information: Okonomiyaki Santenkan Roppongi Branch, Tokyo

Work Place (勤務地) Okonomiyaki Santenkan Roppongi Branch. 1 minute walk from Roppongi-itchome station and 8 minutes’ walk from Tameike Sanno station
Job Category (職種) Staff at Okonomiyaki Santenkan
Position (職種)
  1. Hall (Serve food and beverages)
  2. Kitchen (Preparing food and ingredients for cooking)
  3. Washroom (Wash dishes)
Allowance (給与) 1,100 JPY per hour include transportation expenses
Working Period (勤務期間) 11.00 am – 3.00 pm or 10.00 am – 3.00 pm. At least 6 months working period with work day not less than once a week and work time at least 3 hour per day (you can work 3 hours per day once a week and able to change shifts every week)
Benefits (待遇)
  1. Allowance adjust every year
  2. Staff uniform
  3. Meal
  4. Free hair style
  5. Allowance 1,000 JPY per hour during 200 hours of probation
Qualifications (資格) / Others (その他) Housewives, students or foreigners who active in work are all welcome

The most common way to apply for part-time job in Japan is telephone inquiries. Some companies make an appointment for interviewing via website registration. Of course, job application processes use only Japanese. That’s why the more you prepare your Japanese the more you can get your intended job.